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Sticky Thread Welcome to the Art and Audio Feedback Forum!   ( 1 2 3 ... 9) Romulus by Zinedity 88 Riot Post 73,551
Make a new skin for anivia 1last1hope by LuminescentTide 1 217
I was excited when I saw there was going to be a legendary Nocturne skin. . . Pain Station by Somagore 1 674
Oh how I wish... MidbossK by Icetrukiller 1 333
No audio at all every once in a while spetticino by Stetothevo 1 345
Buffs too small... DogFoodCookie by Ponea 1 231
League of Legends Art Style Kreshel by Mimini 1 551
Santa Veigar gets awesome sounds and particles and Fiddlesticks gets jack? Ace Rockolla by Flammabubble 1 261
Annie in Wonderland skin blows..... iKrystals by BloodyBlades101 1 617
Loading screen borders make me not want to queue ranked. Conopolyman by Mimini 1 693
Nami Eklispe by shadooklaw 1 299
No Sound in-game HELP! ProR2D2 by jaywatford 1 Riot Post 779
Wildfire Zyra seeds Kagemyth by Mimini 1 537
Trying to make Remix for League HKNG by HKNG 1 560
Sivir skin upgrade Myrec by GroovyGoblin 1 625
Kayle and anivia Model Reworks Kandehbar by HumpMahRump 1 471
Link for download Nami's Login music? bluemind210 by CFlickster 1 959
Skin idea Bearded Johnson by DG IMM0RTAL 1 274
The tank issue (legendary skin edtion) Ryuugi Matsumoto by Deon Psilew 1 723
@Riot Please Change Syndra's look Chilly5 by Chilly5 1 354
Brand image stolen? Gunbuddy by Glacierstorm 1 462
No Xmas Attack Damage Carry skins asiantryhard by Ikimono 1 168
Sorry :/ MarowBoneCrusher by Tsugaga 1 253
New hiemerdinger and blitz splash art at least Dathnar by Kilar 1 192
Hey Riot, I have a suggestion regarding Arclight Varus if it's not too late. Glacierstorm by Mimini 1 476
No Bad Santa particles on dominion Flammabubble by OwlDemon 1 255
Dragon Trainer Lulu Color Suggestions PwnBaron by PwnBaron 1 570
Slay Belle SFX Blitzkrieg by salsychinchilla 1 276
Runic Affinity Artwork Strossus Gran by Dunkshire Darius 1 325
Fix certain skins (Snowmerdinger) Meserion by Meserion 1 373
Outfit/Skin idea for Annie. Jus7aguy by Sighmon8x 1 350
@ Riot an hosest question about champion skin tone and themes Subalternate01 by Subalternate01 1 282
Temple Jax or Bioforge Darius? sylvaticfir3 by Pl4y3Rz 1 576
Slight Offense to Myrmidon Pantheon ChaosCrêpes by Paris 1 581
New Nocturne Audio Bunbunru by raidonkill 1 336
I hate the new update!!!!!! Insanity601 by Jamvert 1 340
Wukong Little Hìtler by Helegeth 1 579
How about Pre-Void Malzahar ChiliSniper by Mimini 1 656
New Champion Art; Nice to look at but bad to play with. Ŝepper by Sivera 1 322
It would be rad if icon art was updated Zerofux by shadooklaw 1 478
We need a new skarner skin AznKurryKid by ChiliSniper 1 818
Someone, Download link for Nami song :D Stealth Cupcake by CFlickster 1 393
Shadow Evelynn HumpMahRump by Luninareph 1 359
Mecha Kha'zix W underwelming GhostStalker86 by shadooklaw 1 542
Disproportionate amount of skins for current champs Bobloblaw010 by WallMeetBack 1 267
Thank you CounterSnipe by The Climax 1 164
Skin Idea:Sailor Teemo Mousyman12 by Firecrackker 1 385
Who painted this skin!? The artists should get more credit! youriah by shadooklaw 1 627
I wish there was a extended Nami's Theme Watafool by CFlickster 1 387
Red Baron Corki PlezDieForMe by Kanderas 1 772
Malzahar Skin Lord Ezel by Lord Ezel 1 260