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Moar Syndra Skins. Asianologic by Kaproww 2 1,353
Skin Series Idea, a Post lore series for champs that have a Past The Wonka by InYurFace 2 1,020
Where are the Holiday maps? Doctor Of Love by Doctor Of Love 2 921
@Riot: Haunted Zyra's Head (Splash) WhiteBoySamurai by WhiteBoySamurai 2 1,119
New Garen and Olaf art Iratus by Tsuchinoko X 2 845
Jine opening screen music Kernel Xanders by Selsenay 2 1,255
Desert Warrior Fizz Katharcis by Silatuyok 2 1,144
lucian/fiora relation lorelias by SecretLore 2 3,031
Riot: I WANT TO GIVE YOU MY MONEY! ChinchillAttack by xaceofspadezx 2 1,853
Thresh and Lucian/ background story DrainoSlushie by TaintedBushido 2 1,984
Muting pings! Liryu by Liryu 2 1,399
Bittersweet Lulu ~ Visual Update Please? Doggiepawslm by Doggiepawslm 2 2,324
how about a Kim Jong-un gragas skin shiopes by HandJobGG 2 859
Spot the Difference - Graves Edition Lost Horizons by Jayjayko 2 2,530
Sivir Splash Art/Ingame icon TienMonCaliss by VampGhoul 2 1,565
Regarding New Garen Urzdaym by Thanatos Noa 2 688
Reasons to Have Alien vs. Predator Kha'zix/Rengar Skins Atramedes by Le Elohm 2 895
I miss 520 skins Kaproww by kitcat300 2 1,324
visual bug on mafia jinx? Barysan by moogle890 2 936
New Champ animations/look JShady by immortalibra 2 1,936
Victorious Elise lacking luster? TigerScream by Damn Wards 2 2,133
Dubstep FiddleSticks and Riven. (Not sure if this is the correct place to place this) xXSupaStrikaXx by Dark Shinobi 93 2 973
[Suggestion] LoL Radio Saqri by Saqri 2 1,243
Corki's Roflcopter sounds gone missing? Carmilia by FrozenWires 2 877
Steel Legion Garen New Particles Zixcik by Zixcik 2 1,257
jinx anatomy frogmt by Lord Exinur 2 1,987
An easy audio suggestion to implement with the Garen's upcoming VU Theorycrafter by Theorycrafter 2 1,335
Whoever Did The Splash For Graves Urzdaym by Sandmanne 2 1,202
Victorious Elise without owning champ? Keys For Keys by ElectroBlade 2 1,886
Udyr's Passive Icon - Cmon guy you can do better than this... MemoryLapse by Kaproww 2 1,095
Champion splash art Paintings for sale? PHATzorPANDA by PHATzorPANDA 2 1,503
Change audio inside the game Sinchro by Sinchro 2 1,745
Fantastic job on the picture of Pool Party Graves Foxy Rosie by Jayjayko 2 2,024
Dunk Skins!!! SilentShef by TrueShrike 2 1,418
Am I the only one who thinks this? IanJoeBiden by XSkylarcX 2 1,576
New Riven Skin Terryl the Beast by Terryl the Beast 2 2,047
Ward Skins Question The Great Plum by DrainoSlushie 2 2,806
Jinx in-game face model is bad Nurturerofnature by SockPuppetPsycho 2 1,216
Paissaged, the living soul Kpomanrey by Eig8t86 2 1,417
Ward Skins Ixidor961 by Ixidor961 2 647
Site background image KingVic by KingVic 2 1,488
Exiled Morgana skin is an overpriced recolor Kaproww by JohnCobra 2 5,751
Weird audio bug Veazie by schub 2 1,837
Sunfire Cape CyberPunkzz by ParticleFX 2 2,436
Officer Vi suggestion JudoPunch by Nigerian Samurai 2 1,421
Jinx song Volvagia oot by Volvagia oot 2 904
Legendary skins that need more work to them. MarkedOfKane by Tsuchinoko X 2 1,079
Why this look for Garen's traditional skin? yoshimitsutkk by anikay 2 1,330
Neon Strike Vi loses her glasses Omegas7 by Chuker34 2 1,648
How do i get my Ez theme back on my profile? AZ Frost by AZ Frost 2 1,504