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Sticky Thread Welcome to the Art and Audio Feedback Forum!   ( 1 2 3 ... 10) Romulus by truedog10 96 Riot Post 103,099
Tundra Hunter Warwick New Effects? JLU6 by JLU6 2 420
Bug: AstroNautilus has the wrong icon for his W debuff IS15729ac22b02d27383e6e by IS15729ac22b02d27383e6e 2 631
Skins Bignmad by Bignmad 2 647
Aatrox dance is Killer Bee's Rap dance Scraftys by Watafool 2 655
@Grumpy Monkey, My Udyr V-upgrade Xarue by Xarue 2 496
The Magnificent Twisted Fate. Anamethtwsntused by IC3M4N69 2 411
I think we should have a louder invitation sound Lisunasi by Malicious Leaf 2 550
Cho'Gath Legendary Skins Comparison Pwntak by Pwntak 2 922
Summoner Icons... Where are all of them? Waldorf Gans by JethroCollie 2 359
Irelia Splash Art Dulden by Blue Eyed Kitten 2 668
New Jayce Skin..... Jayce Z Meetch2488 by Meetch2488 2 650
Wartune Using LoL Pics for publicity. tamahawks by Ditryglove 2 935
Malzahar - Shadow Prince SpiritReaper by Darky182 2 295
Viktor, the Machine Herald has been forgotten or not? Sterfold by Sterfold 2 418
Trundle's Frozen Domain: Misleading Visual The Star of Hope by Toki Wo T0mare 2 845
Fox-Fire Ahri The Lonely Cloud by The Lonely Cloud 2 598
Dragonwing Corki's effect audio Gramitate by C3Sound 2 Riot Post 1,135
Troublesome Political Overtones Eserine by Eserine 2 563
I hate Darius notsohardcore by DianasGotSwag 2 597
Which Teemo skin should I get? pikachu714 by Coyroski 2 693
Dark Harvester - Still Waiting.... Tyra Wadman by Tyra Wadman 2 667
No new skin for Kha' ZIx? Here's an idea. ZeShamuel by ZeShamuel 2 479
Doran's Shield Karhs by Karhs 2 527
When will Cho'Gath get some attention? Darklarik by Indecisive 2 743
Augmented Singed (Why Riot?) Zapfloch by Element Purple 2 888
In regards to the Trundle Rework Stradiater by Muffinsong 2 378
Shadow Prince Malzahar avResen by Wrenrock 2 1,085
Missing emote sound on Headhunter Nidalee florries mom by KHDragonn 2 Riot Post 1,096
mechanical twitch skin (theme) PimpDaddyLuke by Vandal Twitch 2 529
What skin should I buy? Akadin by Muffinsong 2 1,409
Full Length Cinematic? g1zm0hak3rbug by SliĢh 2 784
Nocturne Tail Animation AaronSub by AaronSub 2 508
What would you guys think about a Demonic skin set? Demonic Riven by lokiwanderer 2 421
@RIOT: The Freljord Icons. yankotsu by Maximillian Grey 2 540
TPA skins super blurry! Touch up or Refund? WarGolem2011 by Masquerade4927 2 672
Grumpy Monkey pls! Let's talk Soraka. florrie by dct2000 2 479
Japanese Voice Actors? Raven Of Tianzi by Raven Of Tianzi 2 966
Shadow Prince Malzahar Voidling deadlychuck by ninja2057 2 2,275
Primal Udyr Gankattk by Gankattk 2 348
Forgotten Projects? Macrophiliac by Carmilia 2 374
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Language flexibility Nemezote by Mondreus 2 545
Pokemon and shyvana?! Peepeewagons by AquaLance 2 497
Scorched Earth Renekton Wherefor art thou?! ArgusMFBones by AvengerXlord 2 871
Audio in champion select!!! Kashemi by Kashemi 2 467
Teemo SKin Faith and FavÝr by RobotGenie 2 529
Any word on where Gentleman Cho'gath stands Jonheath291 by Jonheath291 2 416
Customizable login screen XxXyolomasterXxX by Kepter0 2 354
Lulu and Aatrox skin ExtremePrejudice by Luninareph 2 1,267
The new Sejuani rework and the Classic Bristle would be pure WIN CamoClad by MarkedOfKane 2 467