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Tundra Hunter Warwick New Effects? JLU6 by JLU6 2 424
Skins Bignmad by Bignmad 2 650
Aatrox dance is Killer Bee's Rap dance Scraftys by Watafool 2 661
The Magnificent Twisted Fate. Anamethtwsntused by IC3M4N69 2 412
I think we should have a louder invitation sound Lisunasi by Malicious Leaf 2 557
Cho'Gath Legendary Skins Comparison Pwntak by Pwntak 2 928
Summoner Icons... Where are all of them? Waldorf Gans by JethroCollie 2 360
Tango Evelynn (with Tango TF) Splash Art Sharrabyte by RevyBlackest 2 2,038
Where Do I post to get 12 RP, here is a Pic I made. Wheazle by levistyle 2 514
Aatrox Mutterscrawl by Myrodriann 2 760
Wartune Using LoL Pics for publicity. tamahawks by Ditryglove 2 952
Is Sion next in line... AuntieJemima by AuntieJemima 2 372
low res Pentakill Olaf skin Sycocaster by Sycocaster 2 681
idea for honor ribbons imKrispyKreme by MLG Fenix 2 417
Trundle's Frozen Domain: Misleading Visual The Star of Hope by Toki Wo T0mare 2 848
Fox-Fire Ahri The Lonely Cloud by The Lonely Cloud 2 607
Sejuani's running animation Nernums by Nernums 2 248
Which Teemo skin should I get? pikachu714 by Coyroski 2 697
Dark Harvester - Still Waiting.... Tyra Wadman by Tyra Wadman 2 670
Doran's Shield Karhs by Karhs 2 529
When will Cho'Gath get some attention? Darklarik by Indecisive 2 747
@Riot, How long does it take to draw a splash art? Twisted Freaddy by xLifeAlertx 2 606
Augmented Singed (Why Riot?) Zapfloch by Element Purple 2 895
The Headhunter Pack Nasulril by Nasulril 2 483
Trundle Splashart Zargast by Viner16 2 634
Headhunter Rengar feedback Blackheartic by Thatdudejoshh 2 4,226
In regards to the Trundle Rework Stradiater by Muffinsong 2 382
Shadow Prince Malzahar avResen by Wrenrock 2 1,094
Missing emote sound on Headhunter Nidalee florries mom by KHDragonn 2 Riot Post 1,105
What skin should I buy? Akadin by Muffinsong 2 1,481
Full Length Cinematic? g1zm0hak3rbug by SliĢh 2 792
Nocturne Tail Animation AaronSub by AaronSub 2 511
Rengar and KhaziX Skin little bit unfair Peduncool by Verdikt22 2 410
@RIOT: The Freljord Icons. yankotsu by Maximillian Grey 2 541
Color of Junkyard Trundle Q Yari Matthews by Muffinsong 2 655
TPA skins super blurry! Touch up or Refund? WarGolem2011 by Masquerade4927 2 679
Japanese Voice Actors? Raven Of Tianzi by Raven Of Tianzi 2 980
Shadow Prince Malzahar Voidling deadlychuck by ninja2057 2 2,294
New Mundo Skin Idea aznhhh by Element Purple 2 399
Language flexibility Nemezote by Mondreus 2 549
Scorched Earth Renekton Wherefor art thou?! ArgusMFBones by AvengerXlord 2 878
Audio in champion select!!! Kashemi by Kashemi 2 468
Feedback on new skins / more fun ones Ishleague by Jonnaymon 2 840
Teemo SKin Faith and FavÝr by RobotGenie 2 530
Any word on where Gentleman Cho'gath stands Jonheath291 by Jonheath291 2 420
why Tommy11111111111 by Bakemonky 2 412
Sejuani, Frejord Conflict Quotes Missing Swintosky by Swintosky 2 1,037
Trundle's new AA-impact sound is kinda lacking... Yousogreat by CFlickster 2 526
Sivir, outdated and under rated lxKINGxl by lxKINGxl 2 465
More wallpapers for the needy pl0x (wallpaper request thread) WinterSpell by jm778 2 733