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Sticky Thread Welcome to the Art and Audio Feedback Forum!   ( 1 2 3 ... 10) Romulus by Is That Ren 91 Riot Post 88,581
Astro Teemo Death CtrlUltD1337 by Daoiyuuto 2 1,139
i saw this annie skin on the internet, it looks so cute. i'l be real happy if u guys boynightmare by Intellectional 2 572
Idea for Ward Skins in the Future Xanthus730 by lagNZ 2 262
Fan made soundtrack for the league HorribleNghtmare by HorribleNghtmare 2 1,233
Story Antimations AORainmaka by AORainmaka 2 432
Visual update? My top 3 DalisDL by Jixson 2 368
Official Champion Art Rework Page HeadinPants by Silverling 2 306
Elise's stun doesn't sound like a stun. NotBuzzJack by NotBuzzJack 2 555
piltover customs blitzcrank GrandMasterKai by GrandMasterKai 2 Riot Post 825
Petiton to get back Varus old walk animation Kimimaro49 by Atravim27 2 545
Jurassic Kog'Maw USD90 by AileTheAlien 2 337
Ward Skins - Why not permanent? cartoonsandwich by Eskimofo 2 292
Fiora's Art wootz is souless by LiHengTai 2 379
Pimp Swain skin? Kevlar1337 by Solaris17 2 443
DragonFist Lee Sin and Bunny Riven Stark Midnight by HarryLarryLopez 2 556
Swain Captain America by Bmandk 2 1,039
Audio "cone" falloff too steep? MrDominooo by DoozleDorf 2 88
Champion voice filters Black Lister by Black Lister 2 1,148
Special Mocking Shout for Demonblade Tryndamere x100Destruct by DalisDL 2 707
icon? NinjaGhostPSN by MattTK 2 363
I really like the new music for TT Silent Reaper by Silent Reaper 2 Riot Post 593
S2 Championship champ select music. And it was K by And it was K 2 89
I love the league sound effects. BrightNooblar by Tyko 2 Riot Post 705
Disapointed by Singed Surfer skin Althairk by Althairk 2 315
Difference between Full Metal, Hextech, and Battlecast skins. Mister Awesome11 by Yolo McSwagerson 2 1,074
visual upgrade on mordekaiser TwisterDarkxx by Dark Technique 2 513
Ward Skins Budheavy by Flaus 2 478
Future Champion voiced by Steve Blum? Daemon by Daemon 2 502
Will TF Get A Resizing By Season 3? KevinDelMarr by LeagueOfToby 2 404
what Riot uses Risen Thrall by Raidraic 2 Riot Post 832
About Fiora's skirt in the new skin GurthC by Isstanar 2 730
So, now that Dominion and Twisted Treeline both have sweet tracks... TheFinalAeon by Misentro 2 246
Must New Music be Added? dgj212 by Frodude 2 1,095
Art updates :D What about Nasus? :( Dumples by Shadow BK201 2 333
Lulu Login Music redhead1183 by Misentro 2 613
Lux of the North Luninareph by Luninareph 2 146
Possible bug with Riven's attack animations Tipttt by Tipttt 2 566
let me tell u y the ATMOSPHERE is so bad 3w2m by Intellectional 2 464
Why are skins misleading? Perluptis by SoundsofEarth 2 390
I love the TT altars CupcakeTrap by CupcakeTrap 2 260
Positional audio not quite gradual? Overlord Forte by Overlord Forte 2 513
Shyvanna Ult messup? Embertine by Strato5 2 650
Zombie Brand Bugs Xam Nozid by PurpleSugarWater 2 474
Vlad's New splash and Icon Vlad by Vlad 2 409
Zombie Brand's Animations Vanblod by redhead1183 2 309
Ashe desperately needs a makeover! Embertine by AbyssionKnight 2 311
Can we get Evelynn's initial Agony's Embrace sound back? Zerglinator by Luninareph 2 68
@BitSplosion:Mecha Kha'Zix Passive particle is too hard to notice. Too similar to Q/W Ginga by Ginga 2 Riot Post 566
vlads new splash is better than most of his skins svew by Egotistical DSO 2 223
Fiora's face Popsucker by Zenmetsu Saseru 2 443