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Sticky Thread Welcome to the Art and Audio Feedback Forum!   ( 1 2 3 ... 11) Romulus by Thordarson 102 Riot Post 117,443
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Hearing champs you cant see. Tirco by CS RaiL 2 Riot Post 578
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Something that almost none of the Riot staff noticed... BlackoutGR by BlackoutGR 2 464
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Can't Mute Champ Select Music. HurlingDervish by jaywatford 2 Riot Post 732
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Friend Request Sound Gr1pZ by Gr1pZ 2 377
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Sounds even in the fog of war MetalMilitia by arandomperseon 2 371
Alien Invader Heimerdinger VO OMBlah by M0D3Rn 2 986
Champion select sound Black Sheep by SheepKing 2 Riot Post 1,064
gentleman cho'gath abilities mr share by jaywatford 2 Riot Post 1,117
Warwick's voice Christabelle by Derceto 2 Riot Post 1,526
/joke is broken for me MehtaMezhan by jaywatford 2 Riot Post 805
champions' voices humankillerbgm by Zumtil 2 2,509
Love Letter to The League of Legends Lady toxikmonK by SixFingerMan68 2 590
Vladimir's audio. Istvaan by Faytheless 2 471
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Udyr's /joke Tenant by Revolver Ocelot 2 Riot Post 1,681
Mundo sound effect problem serverny by serverny 2 Riot Post 788
Edditing config files Recom by Recom 2 Riot Post 1,734
Ingame Voice Chat KingSamaru by DragonMaster68 2 587
No battle sounds in the bottom half of the screen. WnxArrakis by Kenko MID 2 Riot Post 2,133
New Champ select. Xynaxis by Xynaxis 2 1,622
No sound at all in-game! pokerr by Cobraeik 2 Riot Post 1,205
Pentakill - is there a sound byte? Pinith by ViolentlyCar 2 764
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260 Replies, over 250 +1 Audio thread in General discussion, can we get a response? REDHAMMER by RiotJay 2 Riot Post 1,850
Output Device Sirenfal by Kuraudio 2 Riot Post 565
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why is mundos cleaver too good? Brebdon by chiMmy 2 4,754
When champions bump into each other... HulkingBrute by SirSpinach 2 2,394
[Bug] Hearing sounds at locations far after the events occur Lightningfst by Tyaeth 2 433
Audiophile gripes CyberTootie by CyberTootie 2 Riot Post 2,788
I know this is a longshot rambo by Der Cutze 2 Riot Post 725
Karthus' attack sounds Malzahar by Malzahar 2 421
Alistar and the Wolves rikrokola by just call me evo 2 Riot Post 609
Xin's Sounds are Too Loud Karew by CyberTootie 2 Riot Post 614
Broken sound Alcedias by Alcedias 2 563
Just a little video for riot :) ( Announcer voice) SheepKing by xX Wolf Xx 2 617
Malzahar (DING DONG SPRING DUNG) Kama Toki by Der Cutze 2 532
Do you use a folley room to record attacks/soundeffects? Squidgerino by Squidgerino 2 Riot Post 718
Mundo's Cleaver yevh by dy1an 2 449
Dear Audio Dudes and Dudettes, Blahrfengahr by WWJDFTW 2 Riot Post 637