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Sticky Thread Welcome to the Art and Audio Feedback Forum!   ( 1 2 3 ... 11) Romulus by Thordarson 102 Riot Post 117,667
@Riot, A more serious attempt at regarding Chinese splash arts replacments.. Raleko by Krizalid Brando 7 3,079
ezreal ult sound bug Bregan by jaywatford 6 Riot Post 676
Positional audio support for Mumble Meeke by M‚ximus 6 Riot Post 2,605
Please let the login screen music play after logged in! Krald by Mochie 6 763
New champion select music : low quality sample Denambren by Nouvas 6 Riot Post 2,147
How to make money in 3 easy way. SheepKing by Saybel 6 16,131
[Sound Suggestion] Epic Music (CG) upon Inhibitor Kill Cosmiclocke by Delnar Ersike 6 Riot Post 1,118
Ultimate Ready Sound Needs to be added SiriusNova by h4rdcor3 6 590
Kill Quotes Kupikimijumjum by fuzzy logic 6 558
Shop Sounds Willisee by RiotJay 6 Riot Post 1,259
Built in voice comms InfiniteBoat by UmbraSprite 6 27,149
Anivia's sounds Rev by Enceladus 6 815
Give the announcer a little more epicness please. Dubzz by GlÝry 6 26,511
[ Suggestion]Announcer 5p0ng3b0b by Zumtil 6 Riot Post 1,190
kill audio str82dabnk by Jozimitsu 6 Riot Post 1,214
Do other rammus skins give new audio? Azista by Cack Snapper 6 35,749
Drums Rugbyjr by Cataphract 6 Riot Post 826
LeBlanc's voice NJim by Eerds 6 29,238
Lobby music/sfx EXTREMELY loud. Phillycheese by jaywatford 6 Riot Post 1,254
Percussion? Toastyzeus by Toastyzeus 6 Riot Post 576
I feel bad for the guy who voices the current announcer. Rattly by GreenWolf 6 Riot Post 777
Fiddle's autoattack LotusBlue by PsychoSim 6 479
Master Yi making Karthas sounds Sehnder by OneSilverBullet 6 Riot Post 742
Katarina - VO updates on the horizon? Sylph1 by Opaqus 6 Riot Post 814
Music @ Character Select BackwardsOne by GideonK 6 21,152
Viegar PhiBoiz by Al Muahlim 6 29,486
Malzahar (DING DONG SPRING DUNG) Kama Toki by Deus87 6 Riot Post 1,094
Ping Noise X30iLLusionisT by hellgnaw 6 21,184
Your Damage Received Should Be LOUDER! KingsRight by KingsRight 6 Riot Post 606
Gangplank's joke HeeroYui by Flyt 6 1,601
Problem with Some of the Voice Overs DeusExMachina by DeusExMachina 6 Riot Post 593
Phantom Katrina Ult Sound Ricky Vicious by FuYA 6 Riot Post 823
Champion / Rival vocal exchange - VO idea Sylph1 by Sylph 6 Riot Post 1,135
Zilean's auto-attack sfx Poet by Cyatomorrow 6 788
I Hate The Chick TheyCallMeGod by Lichman 6 520
Voice for "Quadra Kill" is lacking, please improve it Speed0 by Lunarena 6 Riot Post 977
pre match drums Gamecmdr by Kegas 6 Riot Post 939
Lobby/Waiting Room, Too quiet ThaSUPREME by Curse 6 Riot Post 1,530
The reason I play this game: MECCAMECCA by Eric Draven 6 37,233
@RIOT, how to get audio files ? i would like to make a ... surprise audio track :) SheepKing by Guuses 6 2,582
Tibbers. Iblis by Iblis 6 866
[Suggestion] Announce when champion is attacking your turret Evvekk by Flying Onion 6 538
Karthus the Death... Singer? Fayd by Fayd 6 Riot Post 1,140
Since last patch vent doens't work Cotillian by Cotillian 6 Riot Post 1,001
Lol *NEEDS* 'warning your under attack' fakeFetus by Ethelion 6 3,186
Analysis of the so called OP hero: Shen ShenofDoom by WORST MID EVER 6 1,162
Sound bug that won me a game. OMGitsQuagmire by Crusnik07 6 Riot Post 26,333
Frag Sound Crys1sw0w by Cantor 6 872
Multiple announcers Unfawkable by Ak47 6 Riot Post 607
No sound at all during match Drunkefox by Neodarkside 6 Riot Post 12,393