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Sticky Thread Welcome to the Art and Audio Feedback Forum!   ( 1 2 3 ... 9) Romulus by Zinedity 88 Riot Post 73,600
Suggestion: Voice Chat Extilion by Extilion 6 4,562
Turning down the champion select music xTrizzx by Xon 6 Riot Post 29,032
Switching between headphones and speakers mutes the game DaiGurreNx by Babeldygob 6 Riot Post 24,403
No Sound During Play ixGabexI by CapCapper 6 Riot Post 25,277
New champion select music : low quality sample Denambren by Nouvas 6 Riot Post 1,887
How to make money in 3 easy way. SheepKing by Saybel 6 15,506
this sound riot. seriously Senkon by Steve the Killer 6 39,898
What in Demacia were you guys thinking?! Amine999 by Krypper 6 51,076
Twitch making sounds after he dies Kabb by Pacyf 6 Riot Post 15,948
Adding a Rammus Joke Dorotheus by GammaEspeon 6 41,341
[Sound Suggestion] Epic Music (CG) upon Inhibitor Kill Cosmiclocke by Delnar Ersike 6 Riot Post 1,000
Udyr /j Judenn by MackDaddyMcFresh 6 42,916
Not hearing announcements snazza by Zackme 6 Riot Post 3,927
Built in voice comms InfiniteBoat by UmbraSprite 6 27,100
Dreamhack music Shaniya by Shaniya 6 22,875
Give the announcer a little more epicness please. Dubzz by GlÝry 6 26,489
Tristana's Whine NotAcquainted by LiquidAltar 6 39,662
Do other rammus skins give new audio? Azista by Cack Snapper 6 35,731
Cass Bug NickDunbar by NickDunbar 6 Riot Post 40,701
LeBlanc's voice NJim by Eerds 6 29,030
Team Voice Chat Aanarca by Strategicleez 6 38,946
Curiosity killed rammus's voice?? Darporkchop by Crims10 6 46,011
After almost two years of dealing with this, someone has to fix it Kyndryn by PhilSushi 6 16,321
Jarvan: No more DEMACIAAAA!!!!! Colonel Justice by metaltwisted 6 Riot Post 12,925
Fiddle's autoattack LotusBlue by PsychoSim 6 459
[DISCUSS] Name some Voice Actors who you'd want voicing a Champion Yousosmart by Archemonde 6 15,393
Music @ Character Select BackwardsOne by GideonK 6 21,129
Viegar PhiBoiz by Al Muahlim 6 29,402
Yorick's Sounds Gromgore by Gromgore 6 Riot Post 23,145
Liam O'Brien Jarmask by Jarmask 6 Riot Post 10,939
Jax's Leap Sounds like Mundo's Cleaver. Fendral by RiChToFeN 6 Riot Post 42,280
Ping Noise X30iLLusionisT by hellgnaw 6 21,069
mundo mundo Kayli Raiko by Zakyre 6 Riot Post 42,230
Unique Theme For Each Champion Boptoa by Geddian 6 30,570
Gangplank's joke HeeroYui by Flyt 6 1,497
Voice for "Quadra Kill" is lacking, please improve it Speed0 by Lunarena 6 Riot Post 900
I cant hear "Legendary" anymore Domminus by Rafaeldg 6 Riot Post 5,020
question for any senior audio designer Slytherman by Slytherman 6 8,640
Dear Riot..Need a MALE announcer like DOTA please :( TheBladiator by 5 Inch Floppy 6 6,239
The reason I play this game: MECCAMECCA by Eric Draven 6 37,201
@RIOT, how to get audio files ? i would like to make a ... surprise audio track :) SheepKing by Guuses 6 2,400
Quadra Kill User by Lawsmith 6 43,074
Kill Steal!!! Jack3rNation by Dr Karma 6 40,324
Champion Selection Music - Or how to Troll Skype Arky by FennecFoxx 6 Riot Post 47,768
Since last patch vent doens't work Cotillian by Cotillian 6 Riot Post 944
Lol *NEEDS* 'warning your under attack' fakeFetus by Ethelion 6 3,130
Jarvan IV: Fix hes DEMACIA!!! metaltwisted by Epok2 6 Riot Post 9,893
Triple kill, Quadra kill, Pentakill D4rkangel by RUBBA 6 25,550
Sound bug that won me a game. OMGitsQuagmire by Crusnik07 6 Riot Post 26,289
No sound at all during match Drunkefox by Neodarkside 6 Riot Post 12,283