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Vi dance music the best ever. Fwooshclink by Fwooshclink 0 293
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@Riot VFX team Mattarias by Mattarias 2 Riot Post 1,969 were right. And I love you. DaRatmastah by DaRatmastah 0 175
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Cannot hear the Champions and the Announcers Voices Basil Ali by sn0wwarrior 2 405
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Problem with custom skins JusticeForAll666 by JusticeForAll666 0 351
Frostfire Annie's Pyromania ring is a bit hard to see Twisted Freaddy by Twisted Freaddy 0 251
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Blue Buff nearly impossible to see when playing as Swain! His width and wings covers. Ginga by Little Leech 1 390
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