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Sticky Thread Welcome to the Art and Audio Feedback Forum!  ( 1 2 3 ... 11 ) Romulus Thordarson 102
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@Riot aether wing kayle ult BettyWhite BettyWhite 0 343
Beastie Boys girls (wards) gnomedisco gnomedisco 0 318
Zombie Brand joke Bejango C3Sound 5
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dual character match alt colors VGKoopa VGKoopa 0 342
@Parrot on Parrots JefftheMagicGoat JefftheMagicGoat 0 359
Vi is just the most awesome thing ever like EVER Kahmal7 Wuloric 2 700
Trolololaf SrFreakLord FrozenRemnant 1 402
Two things I hate about Thresh Division Two Division Two 0 408
Rameses B - Pulsefire Ezreal Theme Halsoy Halsoy 0 488
Can't quite put my finger on it...not that I would poke Thresh! Invisibleally Invisibleally 0 535
Nyan Cat Themed Ahri Skin With Rainbow Colored Tail CounterSnipe Mondreus 1 595
RIOT Skin Contest for Community Dóv?hkiin Dóv?hkiin 0 591
Does Thresh have any Altar quotes? moogle890 moogle890 0 460
New Skin ideas. Pyranth Awafruit 3 558
New Skins X99 RedBallonsX Awafruit 1 392
@All VFX Artists! (This means you, DudeBro!) Archiplex Archiplex 8
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Cooperate or be kick DaRkLord2117 DaRkLord2117 0 365
Fizz Skins OpprobriumIII Beeonick 1 736
@Sound Engineers: VO_Bank_en_us.fsb & FSBext Indespectus Indespectus 0 579
Thresh login music giving me nightmares tonight Luv Support Cows Go GRR 2 512
Login Music heracnos Sephtis 8
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Honor Badges Options Zombgirl Zombgirl 0 362
Pantheon Ultimate kojima33 kojima33 0 376
Kennen Visual Update Unoariginal Unoariginal 0 394
Annie Skin Idea Retro22 Retro22 0 337
Black Alistar Skin Covetous German Buw 1 370
Minion detail needs tobe nerfed on low graphic setting Post Pack Decafeiner 4 929
@Riot, Thresh Login screen and music Ariao ZedrinKaoh 1 709
A small concern Shikiso Bioness 1 373
New Skin Idea for Darius and Draven Nintendofilo Nintendofilo 0 616
Someone RED please read this! InterventX InterventX 4 843
Taric Needs New Skin ASAP! StvnceWorks Mondreus 1 451
Gragas Skin Idea kojima33 Shadowed Ruby 7 561
zombie brand audio change?? bvcxzm bvcxzm 0 351
OFFENSIVE sound levels on Spec Ops GP ult. Evangelia Forchark 4
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Old Warring Kingdom Xin V.S. new Xin CheeseNOnion CheeseNOnion 4 1040
Neon Strike Vi color bug DeathNecroZ DeathNecroZ 0 363
RIOT : A humble request from your customers Hengishammer Hengishammer 2 695
Aether Wing Kayle login screen looks stupid  ( 1 2 ) RapZero Caitha 12 1230
Fix Nidalee's Legs!!! Blaxmith Caitha 2 476
Audio Sound lag causes me to lag sometimes bBbLaHhH bBbLaHhH 2 501
Problems with Vi's Loading Screen Portrait Orîon Orîon 1 643
Something I noticed about the Annie Skin Redux regarding her face/age, potential fix? DarkFalcon123 Orîon 3 799
Thresh's music gets a +1 from me. Shadowed Ruby Shadowed Ruby 0 399
Thresh login music, Not gonna sleep anymore, thanks Riot  ( 1 2 ) Conversion Gel Fermitkrog 10
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thresh character (skin idea enclosed) Malleus Malefica Malleus Malefica 0 317
Can't get skarner to say "Skar-Skar-Skarner!" Furt fantastic Ghostwolf101 3 12758
Thresh Login Screen Music BakerofDoom BakerofDoom 0 337
What happens to the music? Kraion Kraion 2 731
Thresh login is amazing! Furt fantastic Furt fantastic 0 266