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Sticky Thread Welcome to the Art and Audio Feedback Forum!  ( 1 2 3 ... 11 ) Romulus Thordarson 102
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New Audio/Music Concept King Maelevolent High Lord Bunny 7 696
Changing mute to no longer block pings was a bad idea Shaxtenn Wickid Ninja 3 1350
More hot guy skins? iwillblessu Prince Kassad 2 710
LoL should have a 3D skin model viewer? MOCKINGJAYREBEL MOCKINGJAYREBEL 0 762
League movie? RogueWill MOCKINGJAYREBEL 1 771
shaco and blitz splash art TacoBlade MOCKINGJAYREBEL 1 589
What's the Fuss about Sona's splash? MOCKINGJAYREBEL MOCKINGJAYREBEL 0 324
LeeSin Skin idea Death IceStorm Malicious Leaf 1 319
Singed needs a visual update KILL0MATIC3000 Doppelgangr 1 606
Sona... DeadChef DeadChef 0 428
The jayce skin.... is HOT StrayFacade StyleKrong 2 606
Garen's Q FX post-Steel Legion Tzedekiel Tzedekiel 0 342
How to Increase FPS Chewy0914 Chewy0914 1 408
[Skin Concept] Thunder God Nautilus Lord Ezel Lord Ezel 1 462
Too many ping sounds and they all sound the same CrazyGoNuts Mondreus 1 372
Steel legion lux spell effects are hard to distinguish CrazyGoNuts CrazyGoNuts 0 371
Warring Kingdoms Original Art? UrFxckinOut UrFxckinOut 0 256
Riot: Nosferatu Vladimir's abilities should be in black & white zubidoo zubidoo 0 245
Sion Splash Art powdamonkey powdamonkey 0 283
Missed Opportunity with Debonair Jayce Lemmie leonresevil2 2 664
i think this skin very idea! Stardokku Stardokku 0 241
Annie's Visual Rework is Great... but the particles... crzymdscntst midgitmage 6 1033
Warring Kingdoms Negligence Dauntless17 Dauntless17 0 519
Annie Skins Sangiovese Sangiovese 0 305
Change silverfang akali art to chinese splash OMGownedU OMGownedU 0 291
Fix Quinn Please V0xx V0xx 7 523
Jade Fang Cassiopeia Professor Ivy Tamachii 4 458
Time to update Sivir Upper Limit Tamachii 5 594
Taric needs new skins and possibly new splash art please! GLADlATOR Tamachii 3 536
@Riot is Tristana... DalisDL Tamachii 3 621
LoL Music Available for Download/Purchase KumiKaze Phrixscreoth 1 433
Thresh and fiddlesticks.. Ghostwolf101 Phrixscreoth 2 825
Request: Please Update All Star Akali? VaeVicit Mibani 3 336
How does Quinn reload a crossbow... Langley Langley 0 314
Recent Skin Quality & VU zergman Barbooch 6
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[Client]Gifting Center DarkCornor DarkCornor 0 299
Nemesis Jax Noxian Uppercut Noxian Uppercut 1 464
Lunar Revel Log in music squishynz squishynz 0 217
Robot/Metal Skins Undertoes Undertoes 0 435
Karma and her Splash  ( 1 2 ) Shadowed Ruby Bioness 11 1500
@Praeco Prince Kassad Prince Kassad 2 972
Is there a way to turn off the wind sounds while leaving sound effects on? Syndras Balls Keneevil 1 341
Bloodmoon Akali PeanutButthurt kitcat300 3 509
Probably a weird question, but... Skodak Skodak 0 258
The New Sona Splash Art DemonicTrilogy common source 3 7178
Could we get champion splashes in their original size? NotBuzzJack NotBuzzJack 0 420
@Riot IronStylus: Love for Sejuani's Current Design! A Bad Idea A Bad Idea 3 816
Suggestion: Option to turn off champion voice? Quae Brosama 4
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Output Select, PLEASE!!!! PhearEternal PhearEternal 0 246
Sound calibrated to wrong part of screen? Covenant FlashB00M 9
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