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LoL should have a 3D skin model viewer? MOCKINGJAYREBEL by MOCKINGJAYREBEL 0 712
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Singed needs a visual update KILL0MATIC3000 by Doppelgangr 1 589
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[Skin Concept] Thunder God Nautilus Lord Ezel by Lord Ezel 1 443
Too many ping sounds and they all sound the same CrazyGoNuts by Mondreus 1 369
Steel legion lux spell effects are hard to distinguish CrazyGoNuts by CrazyGoNuts 0 369
Warring Kingdoms Original Art? UrFxckinOut by UrFxckinOut 0 255
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Missed Opportunity with Debonair Jayce Lemmie by leonresevil2 2 659
i think this skin very idea! Stardokku by Stardokku 0 240
Annie's Visual Rework is Great... but the particles... crzymdscntst by midgitmage 6 1,022
Warring Kingdoms Negligence Dauntless17 by Dauntless17 0 516
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Change silverfang akali art to chinese splash OMGownedU by OMGownedU 0 287
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Karma and her Splash   ( 1 2) Shadowed Ruby by Bioness 11 1,494
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Is there a way to turn off the wind sounds while leaving sound effects on? Syndras Balls by Keneevil 1 334
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Probably a weird question, but... Skodak by Skodak 0 253
The New Sona Splash Art DemonicTrilogy by common source 3 6,732
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