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Sticky Thread Welcome to the Art and Audio Feedback Forum!   ( 1 2 3 ... 11) Romulus by Thordarson 102 Riot Post 115,967
Traditional Trundle doesn' look much like old Trundle That Other Guy by That Other Guy 0 496
Give "Traditional Trundle" his old voice work. The Gift by Championshp Pony 2 511
@Grumpy Monkey Trundle Skin remakes Wertilq by Wertilq 0 510
i dunno if this fits but... Tastyxproof by Tastyxproof 0 463
Queen Sejuani Flux Syndrome by Flux Syndrome 0 531
Regarding Sejuani's Visual Update Karhs by Karhs 0 465
Odd request (Quinn related) Junks001 by Junks001 0 442
@ Reds : Any word on a certain dragon Sawin skin? Haloick by Haloick 0 444
Someone here loves purple florrie by florrie 0 445
Can we get the CHEW music on sound cloud? Yohan Leafheart by Mondreus 5 609
AstroNautilus Animation Bug? TheDeFecto by Mondreus 1 451
Can we get an option to turn off the sound for enemy taunts... Telaura by MetalMichael 1 448
Vi and Caitlyn; Piltover's Finest:] lollizz by Maxillius 9 4,189
Can we get a list of upcoming skins and remodels?? Darthpikachu5512 by Darthpikachu5512 2 632
Zac and his skin.... Darthpikachu5512 by Darthpikachu5512 0 436
Irelia's Splash Art Inaree by Inaree 0 398
some champs need new models in game to keep up with other champions. Darthpikachu5512 by Darthpikachu5512 0 329
Noseguard Voli Skin Ebanana by Ebanana 1 796
Can Akali get a new classic splash? Kojow by TeriyakiTerry 4 935
Update Lux!! (pls) iceilis by Indohrai 1 762
Video:We have fun IceAgeQQ by IceAgeQQ 0 432
Video:Play LOL together(Chinese) IceAgeQQ by IceAgeQQ 0 449
Zac music files display Diana teaser image when played Kakyoin Noriaki by Kakyoin Noriaki 0 511
Sona's in-game model. (Muse, Guqin) Kakyoin Noriaki by Kakyoin Noriaki 0 559
Music Download MetalHarpey by bandgeek05 7 11,188
TIme for a new rumble skin vSnLoozer by vSnLoozer 0 455
Harrowing Summoner's rift Music SilvaSquirrel by SilvaSquirrel 0 547
Suggestion for Gladiator Draven's Face Spookypatrol by Spookypatrol 0 555
Karma Traditional Skin Myaarin by BerserkInferno 3 727
Playlist for 24/7 High Elo Games? Variesss by ArthePyrko 3 1,014
Fun Zac skin idea. epicbmx002 by Venomyght 2 583
Zac Special weapon skin Killuai by Killuai 0 548
@Riot sound guys! Sebada by Sebada 1 541
Warrior Kingdoms Xin Sound FX Dah Bunneh by Dah Bunneh 0 553
@Riot the new "target" ping sound sounds awfully like a retreat indication Yaddar by Yaddar 2 1,024
Ahri Genie Skin (snsd) / Elise Flower Power Im Soshified by chozen arcangel 7 4,582
Karma's new VoiceOver... why Riot, why? Ghoeb by Blaine Tog 4 1,149
Zilean's model and art is a zilean years old. ╦cho by Kryktal 3 1,238
Regarding Traditional Karma's voice Sigilyph by Zivhayr 2 633
Hud texture/ Art glitch! JHallas23 by JHallas23 0 637
Kha'Zix Square Portrait Redo Venomyght by Venomyght 0 566
The Medieval Princess Orianna MiyanagaTeru by ClownyClownCLown 4 947
Elise needs a new skin. lTerminaterl by Danica1708 1 857
wanna sell even MORE skins? my marketing idea :) Kelnack by Oppai Stone 5 1,231
Update Summoners Rift Aesthetic Wevend by Wevend 0 567
New champion idea. lTerminaterl by lTerminaterl 0 572
Cho's Primecast skin is awesome! EnderzShadowz by EnderzShadowz 0 565
Lux and Syndra skin Ideas Frickin Feylo by Toestah Waffles 1 840
Increase the volume on the MIA Ping NovaLogic by GusterMcGusgus 1 517
gladiator draven recall sound ElCaptain by ElCaptain 0 687