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Sticky Thread Welcome to the Art and Audio Feedback Forum!   ( 1 2 3 ... 10) Romulus by truedog10 96 Riot Post 95,603
League of Legends needs some Spotify love Yontwisess by Yontwisess 0 469
In game music is making people to aggressive! The Dark Dreamer by The Dark Dreamer 0 407
Yu-Gi-Oh ----Twisted Fate(skin idea) SaCharles by The Dark Dreamer 5 1,182
Champ select background noise. Minrat by Minrat 0 472
Tradition Trundle Skin Skinny Mage by Cancerousgrowth 1 1,071
veigar astronaut skin LEOBABOOM by Element Purple 3 1,136
Twisted Fates "Stacked Deck" Or E. Bluntarific by Element Purple 1 816
Augmented Singed (Why Riot?) Zapfloch by Element Purple 2 888
Pop-tart Twisted Fate zizy665 by Element Purple 1 458
When do you plan to give the Yordles visual upgrades? Yousogreat by Yousogreat 0 425
Wartune Using LoL Pics for publicity. tamahawks by Ditryglove 2 934
Art/particle feedback: Remove "speed stripes" from Nidalee's passive while stationary phoenixfire2001 by phoenixfire2001 1 743
Art/particle feedback: Nami's Q needs to be changed. phoenixfire2001 by phoenixfire2001 1 892
How does Leona get around? Çheese by Bioness 4 1,022
Art/particle feedback: Volcanic and General Wukong Staff needs to be fixed. Dragazer by Dragazer 0 475
Aatrox Mutterscrawl by Myrodriann 2 757
Im waiting for Moon Spirit Diana :D BalancingBlade by BalancingBlade 0 509
Ashe Skin Idea Colafiend by Colafiend 0 490
Champion Skins.... yankotsu by yankotsu 8 1,693
New Diana Skin? Mt43xl6701 by Mt43xl6701 0 542
Latin American Servers Voice Acting D4rKst3r by WulfyShadows 1 539
Sinful Succulence Moun7 by JoshTep 5 923
Which Teemo skin should I get? pikachu714 by Coyroski 2 693
A few Skin idea's dreadsmite by dreadsmite 0 460
When will Cho'Gath get some attention? Darklarik by Indecisive 2 743
Fox-Fire Ahri The Lonely Cloud by The Lonely Cloud 2 598
Is it hard to get a job in the game industry?   ( 1 2) Green Lizard7 by Demacry 17 Riot Post 6,440
People you spectated appear in your Recently Played List Sparkykun by Sparkykun 0 450
League Cinematics zomg! braiNiac oP by Element Purple 1 508
Simple Kog Maw Skin Improvements H2k Vengeance by H2k Vengeance 5 1,407
Forced to listen to pings Eskimofo by Eskimofo 0 419
Idea for Dragon Trainer Lulu skin, RIOT pls read :) EpicSkye by Linear Cannon 7 1,425
New Splash Art Cleft von Fran by Cleft von Fran 0 561
A question for the Riot Concept Team Kilobytten by Kilobytten 0 507
i think its time   ( 1 2) IC3M4N69 by IC3M4N69 17 Riot Post 5,111
Which Teemo skin should I get? pikachu714 by Delvan Krall 3 781
Who is the artist that created the Latin America main screen? the Raven Tower by the Raven Tower 0 443
Voz de Fiora para server de LA   ( 1 2) dharmagenesis by NaginataX 13 2,190
Where is the Art Spotlight? it's quite a while last time i saw it Leo Tomita by Aubrea 1 706
Syndra's splash art needs redoing... IS183e69d4080426 by IS183e69d4080426 0 508
Nid Model Issue Kalaria by leonresevil2 7 Riot Post 2,277
Leona Skins mnemonic16 by Malicious Leaf 3 750
I think we should have a louder invitation sound Lisunasi by Malicious Leaf 2 549
La llorona morgana? Why not El Charro Graves? Dorme Ornimus by Dorme Ornimus 0 463
Yordle Visual Updates Steelclad by Steelclad 0 440
Varus skins be all like... xBarbz by Element Purple 1 605
Rule 63 Skins Dhaenon by Element Purple 1 594
Isn't Ashe cold? She's Half Naked! Ark Shadowdusk by Element Purple 7 1,766
Kayle Visual Upgrade QuestionableGuy by NorthFront 4 2,983