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Sticky Thread Welcome to the Art and Audio Feedback Forum!  ( 1 2 3 ... 11 ) Romulus Thordarson 102
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Panda teemo skin! XxAestheticsxX Princess Chelsae 2 977
Reworking Lulu's face? hamster113 hamster113 0 394
Bioforge Darius. Moo121 iXavier Castro 3 1271
Regarding Eternum Nocturne skin Geno420 Geno420 0 324
[Suggestions] New Joke/Taunt for Anivia BadPlayer6 Sirberrus 1 1863
Anxious for a new Diana Skin omgrichboy1 omgrichboy1 0 393
Primal Udyr Gankattk Gankattk 2 358
Audio Cutting out on NA and PBE bvcxzm bvcxzm 0 332
Master Yi Rework REWORKED Rasdel Rasdel 1 1137
Moonwalker Lucian please bmccall17 Kelnack 1 425
Regarding Chinese Splashes... Keravna Keravna 0 388
Wheres dat heimer update? Szilagyi Szilagyi 0 332
Riot show some love Frodo Faggins Szilagyi 1 350
Keep Sivir's sexy butt and serious face. Azihayya Shade ShadowLord 1 1252
Garen's splash art... Gramitate PineSol 8 911
New Riven Art chamdin OrderlyAnarchist 1 1038
New Riven Art! Ezra Algard chamdin 4 616
What the hell happened to the beeping countdown on champ select Mailbro Mailbro 0 381
Why does the art not match in-game? Seversword1 Seversword1 5 495
Can we please have some way of getting the old Riven splash? OrderlyAnarchist undefiable 1 680
Master Yi Skin Rework HarlequinHarlot undefiable 1 438
High Command Kat CheeseNOnion CheeseNOnion 0 439
Ionian Yi cosmetic tweaks suggestion CheeseNOnion CheeseNOnion 6
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Rework/Splash Art Overhaul Nexzalas Nexzalas 0 478
new load screen UI Worlds Strongest Worlds Strongest 0 672
Morgana needs a VU. Xarue EchoZeero 7 509
Sivir needs a new model BADLY EchoZeero EchoZeero 0 337
New sound effects for Pentakill Sona Phantom Symphony Gforcejockey 1 580
Viktor, the Machine Herald has been forgotten or not? Sterfold Sterfold 2 437
@Praeco Tydrus Tydrus 0 290
Loading Vs screen problems Adiwik Adiwik 5 1368
Riot, can you increase the rate of releasing new skin? Blytthe Blytthe 0 299
Riot, tell me your secrets... about voice effects. Skodak Skodak 0 339
Demon Thresh mick142 mick142 0 312
Just wondering ... Arcanis Daelcos Arcanis Daelcos 0 277
Loading... xzxSpawnxzx Chuker34 3 258
Add more Junk to Trundle's Junkyard Skin Muffinsong Muffinsong 0 247
Splash changes TheRadishSpirit TheRadishSpirit 0 217
To all Sion players: Captain Gael Captain Gael 0 226
Malzahar - Shadow Prince SpiritReaper Darky182 2 344
Visual update please FluxInject Venus Aversa 1 270
Lucian Venus Aversa Venus Aversa 0 184
New Champs or Better Champs?? Rasdel Rasdel 6 230
About Yi's splash art. Carmilia Carmilia 0 213
Where can I get piano sheet music for the Shanghai Login Screen? Zyvux Shirt Cannon 8 2160
Lucian's Splassh Idaltu Idaltu 0 176
My castle for Purifier ADC skins Transports Xarue 1 189
Blackfrost Anivia is very underwhelming Rockerjesse Rockerjesse 0 182
Victorious skins: an idea Mind5torM Mind5torM 0 345
Nunu Bot needs a price change MarkedOfKane Ezra Algard 3 601