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So I was looking through some skins... Algebrennis God by RaptorJebus34 1 365
Summoner icon? Andkre by Andkre 0 392
aatrox recall sfxworks by sfxworks 0 382
Who voiced Twitch? WulfyShadows by WulfyShadows 9 1,349
Seeking support for Skins ideas Jaxxie by Jaxxie 0 377
Why dont they do art spotlights anymore? megatron1121 by megatron1121 0 344
Legacy of Kain skins. wilster54 by wilster54 0 408
Lux Skin Splash Art Ravenclaw by twicicle 1 642
Missing emote sound on Headhunter Nidalee florries mom by KHDragonn 2 Riot Post 1,087
Pulsefire Ezreal is missing some emote sounds FinalShinobi by FinalShinobi 0 348
surround sound Malice the Red by Malice the Red 0 330
Nidalee Art, Particles, and SFX improvements Sagee Prime by Sagee Prime 0 398
Praeco, they should totally use Aatrox's music at LCS! Strossus Gran by Strossus Gran 0 449
Freljord Theme Music   ( 1 2) AKJAWASI by AKJAWASI 12 Riot Post 3,835
Nocturne Tail Animation AaronSub by AaronSub 2 496
Lux and Nunu Icons Weezing by Weezing 0 427
Steel Legion Garen Update anothercloudysky by anothercloudysky 0 513
Toning down Sona's chest Kandyvag by Kandyvag 0 547
not sure if this post needs to go here or not... Heebie by Element Purple 4 Riot Post 999
Could Kassadin get a particle for his passive? NotBuzzJack by NotBuzzJack 0 435
Splash Art in need of updates ketchup by ketchup 0 470
Foxfire Ahri's skills art don't match her skin Elennali by Tobyaz 2 770
Shaco - NutCracko Staceyy by Staceyy 0 455
Lee sin - acolyte change GREED560 by GREED560 0 431
This game is sexist aibee by Mioure 5 1,163
In-game Micraophone capabilities!!! johnybrovo3 by johnybrovo3 0 416
Should Leblanc get a visual upgrade? Retep119 by Blizzard9789 5 711
Ghost Bride Morgana (AKA "La Llorona") OtakuProud by OtakuProud 0 515
*New* Original Trundle Skin Suggestion DumbJoe by Ditryglove 4 778
Anivia: clockwerk skin off of Sly Cooper Sneaky2010 by Ditryglove 1 539
League of Legends needs some Spotify love Yontwisess by Yontwisess 0 464
In game music is making people to aggressive! The Dark Dreamer by The Dark Dreamer 0 405
Yu-Gi-Oh ----Twisted Fate(skin idea) SaCharles by The Dark Dreamer 5 1,158
Champ select background noise. Minrat by Minrat 0 467
Tradition Trundle Skin Skinny Mage by Cancerousgrowth 1 1,053
veigar astronaut skin LEOBABOOM by Element Purple 3 1,123
Twisted Fates "Stacked Deck" Or E. Bluntarific by Element Purple 1 800
Augmented Singed (Why Riot?) Zapfloch by Element Purple 2 882
Pop-tart Twisted Fate zizy665 by Element Purple 1 455
When do you plan to give the Yordles visual upgrades? Yousogreat by Yousogreat 0 417
Wartune Using LoL Pics for publicity. tamahawks by Ditryglove 2 927
Art/particle feedback: Remove "speed stripes" from Nidalee's passive while stationary phoenixfire2001 by phoenixfire2001 1 739
Art/particle feedback: Nami's Q needs to be changed. phoenixfire2001 by phoenixfire2001 1 885
How does Leona get around? «heese by Bioness 4 1,014
Art/particle feedback: Volcanic and General Wukong Staff needs to be fixed. Dragazer by Dragazer 0 472
Aatrox Mutterscrawl by Myrodriann 2 756
Im waiting for Moon Spirit Diana :D BalancingBlade by BalancingBlade 0 503
Ashe Skin Idea Colafiend by Colafiend 0 484
Champion Skins.... yankotsu by yankotsu 8 1,680
New Diana Skin? Mt43xl6701 by Mt43xl6701 0 535