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Fiddlesticks Concept V.U. XxJohnnyOxX by Bowlcut of Armin 1 1,601
Atlantean Syndra Baal Haded by Bowlcut of Armin 5 4,474
How rare are these mystery skins? Crate by Bob The Sheriff 1 1,479
I'd like to request a splash art change to Sivir or Leona beeyhindyou by beeyhindyou 0 1,389
Grim Reaper Karthus... not a skeleton? Bob The Sheriff by Bob The Sheriff 0 1,303
Need a fat female champ.   ( 1 2 3 ... 4) Toadsuck by Homosexual Star 32 Riot Post 9,944
Nightblade Irelia splash update on PBE Auramis by TheDeFecto 1 4,119
Mecha Aatrox Not Worth TSM Nobody by TSM Nobody 5 1,429
Jax Mask Wire-frame - A New Dawn cinematic Ikimono by Ikimono 0 1,147
Championship Skin for Season 4 MIL Fallen by MIL Fallen 0 1,340
@Riot Red Shop Keeper Bowlcut of Armin by Bowlcut of Armin 0 1,118
Renekton VU? Thebombisthebomb by Bowlcut of Armin 3 2,179
World Cup skins wallpaper? Shinspikes by Shinspikes 0 1,068
Some thoughts (Debonair skins, hopes on the future and etc) Krizalid Brando by DarkKat48 2 1,814
the new vid failedsaint72 by failedsaint72 0 983
Anivia: Visual Update and New Splash Slushi Simcambi by Pointy Rock 1 1,127
Summoner Icons XcutLight by XcutLight 0 1,016
Void Vs Yordles next Cinematic please Ticklebuddy by Ticklebuddy 0 1,105
Ezreal skin idea SpecterKite by Twin Blade K 4 3,299
why has the login page been braum for two months? iPuff Kush by Bioness 2 1,230
The next cinimatic... SkarnerScorpion by SkarnerScorpion 0 1,153
Mecha Aatrox complaint? (I guess) 69ArianaGrande69 by Inertial Mage 2 1,430
Masked Shaco is a HUGE letdown Cookiedude42 by Cookiedude42 0 1,167
Blast Zone Heimerdinger should not change Minaho by Minaho 0 1,185
Frost Fire Annie Rework? Hishoukitai by Hishoukitai 0 1,209
Mecha Malphite Imotekh Kharn by Imotekh Kharn 0 1,208
Morgana Rework ExtremePrejudice by EzFight 7 3,779
Lollipoppy... Snure by EzFight 2 1,628
Shyvana skins : Why the skin tone changes? Overlord Forte by Overlord Forte 9 4,280
We should be able to buy skins without owning champ. DarkChampion12 by DarkChampion12 0 1,200
Jinx needs a real skin Wiskers by Wiskers 2 1,243
lucian/fiora relation lorelias by SecretLore 2 2,786
New Vi debonair skin color feedback Khaoentropaniac by Khaoentropaniac 0 1,291
Accepting summoners will to help? Krizalid Brando by Krizalid Brando 0 1,274
@Riot, A more serious attempt at regarding Chinese splash arts replacments.. Raleko by Krizalid Brando 7 2,967
@Rito The Cho splash. Lumataur by Lumataur 0 1,231
New Talon Skin? Nomabd by Krizalid Brando 1 2,325
I would personally prefer keeping the old dreadknight garen splashart. Philosopher Xys by LolUrAPotato 2 1,301
Taric VU? Amerlect by Krizalid Brando 5 2,729
The hair color of male champs. MisDerpina by CHHO3 8 4,511
Sheet music request DDalien by DDalien 0 1,150
Mecha Elise skin... Auturgist by Auturgist 0 1,206
New audio commentary on kills would be awesome syNth4tk by Kurukette 5 34,663
Mecha Kha'zix Vedettal by Vedettal 0 1,343
Crimson Akali Splash Provis by 5omeone 3 1,690
Tango Evelynn (with Tango TF) Splash Art Sharrabyte by RevyBlackest 2 2,016
Reroll Dice in ARAM are Wrong Kurukette by Kurukette 0 1,329
Who really needs a new skin? This spreadsheet can tell you! Sharjo by CreepahNerd3 3 2,913
Taric VU - Bloodstone Krizalid Brando by Zana Lyrander 5 3,601
What color should i use for a veigar cosplay hair spray? Philosopher Xys by Solnos 1 1,348