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Sticky Thread Welcome to the Art and Audio Feedback Forum!   ( 1 2 3 ... 10) Romulus by Is That Ren 91 Riot Post 86,584
Rito pls, I want to smash pumpkins on League too. Asianologic by Silatuyok 2 2,302
Serious Problem with Officer Vi Heartage by Heartage 2 2,049
what about minions...... Dragoon14th by Dragoon14th 0 1,909
Why doesn't Officer Vi have a face tattoo? Avias by Avias 0 2,009
Did the other nasus skins really need a new voice? LordKitsuna by LordKitsuna 0 2,075
Those Dumb Pink Tower Eyes Petrico by Oldark 1 2,406
Team skin idea... Jonzey420 by Jonzey420 0 1,913
I sincerely beg for a good eve skin FluffyBunnyJin by FluffyBunnyJin 0 1,493
Does the Haunted Zyra concept art look better than in-game model? Sparkykun by Sparkykun 0 1,490
sound error Sir Coheed by Sir Coheed 0 1,352
Skin Idea Altamox by AnyOtherEnemy 1 1,444
Nasus Update Feedback Preyy by Zixcik 1 1,608
@Riot Infernal Nasus Benjaten by Zixcik 1 1,449
Nurse Akali weapons, Slay Belle Katarina, and Ultimate skin Vintari by akaBLAZ 1 2,493
Bundles L33tT4rd by L33tT4rd 1 1,270
Gangplank really needs a new VO Hypes by Hypes 0 1,129
Suggestion: "Le" skins icon, can we have more and better ? IS1fde9115ec2b91852d5bc by IS1fde9115ec2b91852d5bc 2 1,071
Look at Frozen Malphite, now look at Frostblade Irelia. MoseyPoo by MoseyPoo 0 1,004
Rammus could use a new Splash Image too. Psychromaniac by Psychromaniac 0 876
Please give Blitzcrank new splash art! (From Feedback Thread) Psychromaniac by Psychromaniac 0 862
I feel like too many extraneous quips are being added in VUs   ( 1 2) Marisa by High Lord Bunny 17 Riot Post 4,731
Make champ select in ranked show Skin Zaunji by Zaunji 0 852
Ghostblade nerfed hard. Talith PA by Talith PA 0 781
Shaco needs new splash art. Kladdius by Andermonk 1 1,141
VU's and legacy skins' availability Asatorrr by Asatorrr 0 840
New Sivir splash art lLoveToQQ by Ñëðñ 2 1,220
PAX Sivir's Hair is really bad. Corvo Cuervo by døømshine 1 846
Is it me or does Sivir's splash art suck Achi11eus by Achi11eus 0 719
Syndra could really use a re-design. IS1c5019c283e69d4080426 by Carmilia 5 1,659
regarding the new frosted slow animation Coldmanj by Coldmanj 0 620
@Praeco: The Harrowing music Amuq the Native by Amuq the Native 0 679
Officer Vi suggestion JudoPunch by Nigerian Samurai 2 1,375
@Riot Games [feedback]; The new gold sound is *Extremely* sharp Borand by Borand 0 727
Sivir new splash art ORevolver by lanxfr 3 1,104
Sivir's Splash art (Critique) Queen Autoloxia by lanxfr 3 1,205
Schoolgirl zombie slaying lux Tripl3Tap by Tripl3Tap 0 654
Availability to higher resolution splash arts? Ek93922 by Ek93922 0 638
CowGirl MF: Possibly the Worst Skin that needs Rework pinkinfection by pinkinfection 9 2,790
refunds should be 5...? or renew refunds after level 30..? InsaneScrew by InsaneScrew 0 570
I think Officer Vi concept should be credited to the artist 2gold DizzyFuture by xDesperados 1 1,297
Officer vi lacking a visual effect Mr ChristmasEve by Triggy 1 1,680
Collegiate Summoner Icons Oldark by Oldark 0 525
Winter Themed Syndra Skin The Coat Hanger by RainbowBrite13 1 826
Karma's concept art and her current model Gramitate by Ionian StarChild 6 2,675
Rammus Texture Rework Tritechnicon by Tritechnicon 0 693
@Riot Mistletoe LeBlanc Needs New Particles   ( 1 2 3 ... 11) HeroesNeverQuit by Y U NO WIN GAME 108 7,889
Can someone please explain how splash arts are created? JARMANDER123 by VampGhoul 1 1,555
Limited Edition Skins Narcalepsey by VampGhoul 1 1,162
Sivir Splash Art/Ingame icon TienMonCaliss by VampGhoul 2 1,534
Nidalee Splash Arts BlackOps by VampGhoul 4 2,168