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Custom Avatars? Sock of Doom by 1337SuperNewb 2 490
No leave streak IP/XP bonus should depend on the length of the streak General Solution by Nykidemus 2 587
Stuff to address since recent patch to Riot. Epityr by Epityr 2 4,751
[Suggestion] Solution to AFK Hosts bLcKnDr0zE by Cruid 2 276
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[Suggestion] Practice Gameroom Interface Man Of Emperium by Meta 2 Riot Post 391
Ok so i have another suggestion mira by g lo 2 282
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Giving up / Surrendering / Quiting -- WHY? King Chong by Rockytop 2 386
Create a Hero Contest skyspyke by sycsadist 2 213
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Post-Game Statistics sartissian by sartissian 2 325
[Suggestion] Choosing from Servers, Centralised Account System XyluZ by Era Asder 2 346
better 'recent games' layout.. BladeMeister by Alzarath 2 273
although it does go well with the "worst interface ever" theme... yoyoyoyo by Ak47 2 244
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Starting to see issues with Rune Pages (too many runes) Tinsel by Heat n Serve 2 309
For the love of cho'gath GrimGriz by discomatt 2 256
Forum login takes you back to LoL homepage.. Medullaris by Xextreem 2 264
Background improvements ViiRiiSx by NoOtherDestiny 2 194