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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Please fix trash servers in NA KillaKrookz KillaKrookz 0 71
Website Interaction FearAndLoathing FearAndLoathing 0 52
Public Chat rooms Uhtley Mad Distortion 2 2231
Suggestion: newsfeed/vice-captain Threndor Threndor 0 57
New Match History feedback Bouncyhouse inspi 1 369
[Suggestion] Better spectate selection, Verlaffle Verlaffle 0 63
Reported valdism valdism 0 58
Better client equals happier clientele Marxman Marxman 0 79
Login Error. The login server did not respond. Sky is Tumbling Sky is Tumbling 0 1897
Suggestion: Deleting champions/skins/runes. Liquid Clockwork LeeTszFung 4 1801
Ranked system really needs something to be done ShaDoWAsunder iBEEFCAKE 6 1895
Team Matching, amount of wins?? MissHoll czp 3 843
Ranking System Broken? iamwhoimnot Slithe99 3 359
Champ Select Clarity Concept TheGreatestOfMen TheGreatestOfMen 0 222
Why not account merging? LightSkin LightSkin 7 2191
[Suggestion] PVP.NET Cool Ideas Thread Korgwar ShadowSpear123 1 282
Low elo player going to proove elo hell does not exist Ninjassin Ninjassin 0 187
[Suggestion] Stat penalties Anrita Anrita 0 196
What is the Australian server called? Bajerker Bajerker 0 236
ip conversion system would be nice flymobber flymobber 0 239
Wont let me reconnect HELP!!! SirSlayz iandel312 1 297
Team Builder Ranked. Why not ? -Feedback- Hell Unleasher KazaeWolf 2 352
Rankes Ques Back Up, Can't Connect Again Homosexual Star Homosexual Star 0 269
Double IP as ammends for servers down? OmniOptic OmniOptic 0 283
Rito keeps not counting my games AHornyCornDog AHornyCornDog 0 256
Matched with people I just reported? Noob the Loser TheLoLKingThug 1 729
I got banned for 15min Mad Mollen TheLoLKingThug 1 774
This has gone too far, please provide clarification Riot XxBladexXx TheLoLKingThug 2 900
Chat Restriction hi im butter xXarbitrageXx 1 360
Change Summoner Icon and Ward Skin in Champ Select MasterSuperFan MasterSuperFan 0 370
report option in lobby? bl00dy omen DadimPregnant 3 2250
Idea for shorter q? TheDeagler DadimPregnant 1 471
Riot's ranked matchmaking is utterly broken. PhantomBullet01 DadimPregnant 8 5536
Riot took away my 5835 RP and triumphent ryze skin PVMzaru PVMzaru 8 888
Server Status time JdawgPdawg JdawgPdawg 0 380
Getting demoted after losing 1 game at 0 lp TrojanArmor TrojanArmor 0 441
Mortician Zed ;;; YES OR NO? SprAlanJS SprAlanJS 0 323
Suspended for nothing Grimreaper9988 LightSkin 1 359
What are these used for? Iee sin Iee sin 0 398
Suggestion: Right-click ignore. Crapshait Terrifing 1 399
Idea to make team builder better. Black Dahlia xz Black Dahlia xz 0 414
stuck on reconnecting screen  ( 1 2 ) One1 UniqueBlade 10 2730
Stupid teamates that are my friends thezaroth thezaroth 0 437
special invite list Terrifing thezaroth 1 475
dear riot games: server capacity awrsmth awrsmth 0 468
League thezaroth thezaroth 6 424
Riot, can you help me get into league? leeflang thezaroth 1 571
Dear Rito Gaeming Company... Adreanliné thezaroth 3 446
Dear rito deraldGewayne WCxColossus 1 455
Suggestion: IP Incentives for Team Builder Zaenos Zaenos 0 427