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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Would be glad to see a server upgrade CNY10000 CNY10000 0 96
Slower Downloads? HappyViet TheBeetle 1 396
Why I uninstalled your game. ShamWiz ShamWiz 0 133
Mystery Gift / Gifting in General Nightroad 19 LBoon 1 867
[Suggestion] Client Chat missing things Santasaurus Santasaurus 0 98
French in NA titi0044 titi0044 0 118
Game not starting? Lavacreeper Lavacreeper 0 106
Tabs for champion select sodamnhungry sxydrumr1 4 1759
An Unsung hero, the fold button. Dark Skindian Young Lungs 4 165
Login Status more realistic Cas Swabien 1 214
Login Que bugged/glitched Nudedragons Nudedragons 0 128
Login Que bugged/glitched Nudedragons Karrottop009 1 157
Youtube vid continues in champ select GrandRush GrandRush 0 82
After crashing, "Game is still in progress" bug StuffedTurkey007 StuffedTurkey007 0 193
Reduce scroll bars in new store UI StuffedTurkey007 StuffedTurkey007 0 86
Long Que (reduction idea) DeleterJoe LeInfiniti 1 85
Addition of an alternative installer xXxManvendraxXx xXxManvendraxXx 0 106
Pause support in new patcher. xXxManvendraxXx xXxManvendraxXx 3 135
Unfair Match Making System.  ( 1 2 3 ... 6 ) Havenbrook Leviathln 50 20093
Fix the servers you rich sons of *****es No Pulp Leviathln 8 661
Log Out Button<< What a great idea TheLoLKingThug Leviathln 3 433
New Chat Frames Could Use A Minimize Button. Nitemare Tech Leviathln 1 86
Rito, Please add a home button in the launcher SkarnerScorpion Leviathln 2 93
GJ Riot An0nym0us123 An0nym0us123 0 89
Chat/Invite steww steww 0 65
New Patcher seems to be broken for me Copernicus182 fearreaper86 2 139
Online Status on chat Nekosaur Nekosaur 0 160
Shop should save states between visits melee bros melee bros 0 71
Match Breakdown: Longest Time Alive Erdrik Erdrik 0 98
"Technical Feedback" Something is missing ShadePopping ShadePopping 0 64
I can't connect to LoL (PvP.net) Please Help ShadowSpear123 Saeiren 3 362
Possible glitch in the store IToastPurple IToastPurple 0 54
Disconnecting from PvP.net after Internet drop TeeK0h TeeK0h 0 69
Thoughts on the New Patcher [@Riot] Meserion Meserion 3 155
LoL PH in America NinjaThoe TeaZed 1 915
Cant get my league to even start Acelarator Acelarator 2 91
Champ Select Chat. Dizturb3dwun Illecebra 3 77
Fix the ****ing dodging in Ranked, please. revan114 Eeveefyre 1 84
@Riot: New UI Alignment Issues The Djinn The Djinn 0 63
So I think the new landing page/Client look sick as F*** but, pandaleon Eeveefyre 2 89
The new GUI Aurora Donn Aurora Donn 0 72
Ping counter on pvp client IS12d4069861656ae2ce900 LeInfiniti 1 105
New Patcher Always Runs Melphos Melphos 0 63
Chat Minimization @Vaurnbarn Hufflepuff Hufflepuff 0 50
Shop Scroll Bar PROBLEMS - Riot, why hasn't this been fixed yet? BowAndQuiver Hufflepuff 7 956
New Patcher Visual Bug LeInfiniti LeInfiniti 0 81
LP over time degeneration Xphos Adria Xphos Adria 0 74
East Coast US Server  ( 1 2 ) Lynchpin13 Rats off to yah 18 11635
Curse voice ZxZpimpZxZ ZxZpimpZxZ 0 73
Winning Triumphant Ryze Multiple Times Cheetosrule ZxZpimpZxZ 1 216