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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
[-Suggestion] Add "Not Owned" option for Runes Szero Szero 0 317
Can't start league Chaomage Uglama 6 1117
calling lanes + leaving punishment Traxtin LadyAzalea 3 507
PBE Games. Sniperman22 Sniperman22 0 632
getting ban for avoiding Asian all day Asian all day 0 310
[Suggestion] Give players a reputation rating. Eipas Eipas 2 411
PvP.net error Yzsi Yzsi 0 449
Trading PancakeLew PancakeLew 0 475
Unusual Game Lag Linketivity Linketivity 0 400
Main page video problems tanman193 tanman193 0 338
[Issue] Waiting for other players.... Acru Acru 1 657
I think the game takes up too much memory Tires Tires 0 715
Please make a way to organize rune and mastery pages. Eggroll9000 Eggroll9000 0 312
Feeding Penalty? LadyAzalea Pitufito Dell 3 628
Sudden huge lag spikes SilentSauce arz1QQ 3 789
[Suggestion] Let us choose which login screen we want. Like Diana's. Kalean Senretsu Xylowurm 4 904
Can't Report For Hacking? HunterxB Llanite 2 545
An Endless Duress of Lag Spikes and DCs? Devious Rogue DOOMSDAY LAWYERS 3 860
The Shop Jacca Knoff Jacca Knoff 0 319
Random lag UHaveFailed RagedF├╝hrer 1 558
Confirm/decline button update? MRWELLHUNG MRWELLHUNG 0 312
Transfer of riots points....? KamusSlayer Combat Omega 1 308
Rune Market/Leave Button Adurin Adurin 0 417
Remove Duo Queue? Kahaluuicehead Liliana 2 411
Vote to rejoin que Misc Thulhu Misc Thulhu 0 301
Bnned until 30th of 28TH OF AUGUST KittehTwap naotasan 1 399
Appear as Offline in Friends List Oh nice naotasan 7 3901
Tiered Mode BlackHeroSaint Pushover242 4 479
[Suggestion] Setting nicknames/notes on friendslist. Delrick LadyAzalea 1 656
Compatibility problems Lobaev naotasan 2 373
Get rid of the upvote/downvote system. Quaaz Sherrif 2 801
[Major] PVP.net Patcher doesn't open Octavium Octavium 2 737
[suggestion] Pairing change Rogi the Dragon Rogi the Dragon 0 294
RP purchasing problem: Address bar to small Darklarik Darklarik 1 310
First Win of The Day Change blazingbird Sherrif 3 1953
[Suggestion]MLG: Summer Championships Button Sherrif Sherrif 0 352
Queue Dodge Penalty: Unintended feature?  ( 1 2 ) Shinjuma DarkePacific 15 1299
[Question/Suggestion] Ability to gift Champions/Skins to other players Morikou Morikou 0 482
Connection Failure. Unable to connect to PVP.net server. lamUnique lamUnique 2 2391
Too many consecutive dodges DazzlingFire unfitg0d0fwar 1 336
anyone else? MERKtheFREEK MERKtheFREEK 3 408
Custom Game Join/Invite Nigee Nigee 0 1971
Client Window Size CraniumBasherX6 LadyAzalea 1 593
Signing in. Dmitri212 unfitg0d0fwar 2 589
Left click leave the shop King of Crete unfitg0d0fwar 2 473
[Suggestion] "What's New?" tab in store n0tinvayne unfitg0d0fwar 1 419
Just 2 things i think need to be re-examined Fierce Ranma unfitg0d0fwar 1 323
Dissecting the reasons why they don't want to give us a boot option. Bromoner unfitg0d0fwar 2 423
Making the game more enjoyable Elithraldoro0 Ngumbe 2 369
Look I know this is a team game... PVP rant. Azeyn unfitg0d0fwar 1 346