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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
ELO suggestion Blit¬ěKreig MaxRevolver 1 415
Leaving during character selection Taterxtot MaxRevolver 1 506
Add lobby from disbanded games to recent players Trendy Ideology Trendy Ideology 1 629
[Masteries] Add more pages??? eyCoco eyCoco 2 485
[Suggestion]Swap Player Instead of Swap Champion ScorchedToes ScorchedToes 0 714
Rune Page Cleanliness Nikokrates Nikokrates 0 420
POLL: Draft and Ranked Queue idea =) Pugs only zackslice zackslice 0 433
[Feedback] Dodge Timers Punishing Wrong Players Yomko Blit¬ěKreig 3 462
[[Suggestion]] More sections to public chat. ChelleAstro ChelleAstro 0 444
Account migration Blue Eyes Fil Blue Eyes Fil 3 1545
[Suggestion] Selling Back Runes/Heroes + Gifting Skins felyria acaiv d3mon 4 1715
Runes ParadoxRemix ParadoxRemix 0 355
Feedback: Dodge Timers Punishing Wrong Players Yomko Osaka Sun 1 421
PVP.Net PAtch kernel not working DominicanBro DominicanBro 0 573
NA Server To Busy? xDaBigM Qwibble 3 528
PvP.net TOTAL Glitch-out Osearic RavensRed 1 393
Feature Request: Spectating Kovali Bromoner 1 364
better match making system: queuing as a top, mid, support, jungler, carry, any tortin PurpleNori 5 689
Feature suggestion: short messages/titles attached to game invites PurpleNori PurpleNori 0 326
Accept/Decline Dialogue suggestion. Stoober Stoober 5 3040
[Suggestion] Champion Ranked Stats fix Falseshadow Falseshadow 0 413
New Map Concept Polturguist Polturguist 7 876
General UI/UX Feedback Dodrudon Vladican 2 830
Unban me please. Totalredneck Totalredneck 1 406
Report button? Ferios Grievouss 1 474
Just a thought About the friend list PacoTferret PacoTferret 0 322
O hey riot. mattypatty321 mattypatty321 0 311
Does reporting someone tagged as a leaver do anything? Hallo457 Hallo457 0 381
surrender before 20 Nexttoradio lillowe10000 6 964
[SUGGESTION] Kick people from queue who are inactive PiMan 3141 Supericy 1 554
Folders/Sorting for Champions C4KE C4KE 0 541
Someone please help me with spectating games! Jaysama naotasan 1 688
[Suggestion] Add Sona's Power Chord affects to her Champion bio RyuuMasken RyuuMasken 0 320
Friends List Not Updating Soups Dude Soups Dude 0 371
New tracked stat FightintheShade FightintheShade 0 325
Forum suggestion: Checkbox for Red's reading Pushover242 Pushover242 0 323
patch DrunkNorseman DrunkNorseman 0 317
Hey RIOT. When I solo Que declinesmerf Pitufito Dell 1 333
Matchmaking Ranked games Shezuma supeRapasaurusRx 1 349
I got lagged out at ranked game and.... Banghak Banghak 0 365
Rune Combiner Is LAME treborboy11 treborboy11 0 397
Unban PLEASE Uberg00n Uberg00n 1 468
Problem with LOL Chat room and Private Messages ninjapanda ninjapanda 1 665
PvP Patcher Not Patching Skeletor P Funk Mcthony 1 487
So big patches CristinaK CristinaK 0 377
Add a logout button porntastic porntastic 0 284
Matchmaking system woes  ( 1 2 ) lemminman lemminman 14
Riot Post
[Suggestion] Search for Champion in Queue Articuz Articuz 0 303
[Suggestion] Become A Fan RabidCrabGT Articuz 1 556
Champion Pick Order GabeJediKnight Drewcifer 4 859