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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Communication, league. BlackPot Metathesio 3 232
Add buyable Refund Tokens Bird Poop Merb2 2 378
RIOT STOP NERF CHAMP AND BE SMART and pay atencion to the rework u are doing ruc77 Merb2 1 290
Remaining IP Minutes for Coop and Custom Koder1975 Merb2 1 650
sick pvp update is not even taking that long MattSprague PvP Lust 1 171
HEY! LISTEN! [matchmaking problem solving] crafterofmines crafterofmines 2 427
Fix game start bug Vincethekil PHsname 3 250
Avatars NiroTempist Mocha Chan 6 1183
Perma ban and the Tribunal discussion Ohhh Kakashi ruc77 1 281
[Suggestion/feedback] Things that could be better ßolt Synfidie 3 474
Matchmaking Suggestion. Gunmetal Askari Gunmetal Askari 0 187
ranked match system is a joke kaneevil GibsonG 2 490
Why make images links? Porkcchop Porkcchop 0 172
[Suggestion] Auto-Spectate Idomis Idomis 0 263
Selection prob, (new idea) neg9 neg9 2 409
DCed Player Forces Dodge Largejackolope Largejackolope 0 213
Dodging when dced in champ select Relth Relth 0 222
New computer. Pando Media booster.... Flonase101 Arcticfury 1 347
[Suggestion] Nullify Games with Beginning DC/AFK Antianeira Arcticfury 1 272
[Suggestion] Champion Tabs (Or Role Tabs) for Champion Select  ( 1 2 ) Alhirae Arcticfury 14 1833
plz healp freezing in game Genisied Genisied 0 173
any reason there is no chance to reconnect? MightyLlama MightyLlama 0 178
[Suggestion/Feedback] AFK players in champ select should not random. 1337Rooster MrLucid72 6 684
PC Specs - minimum qualifications check! MrLucid72 MrLucid72 0 369
Ranked discussion time Bomber678 Bomber678 1 438
Test Locky Rocks Locky Rocks 0 176
Thumbnails Disappear Concoctopus Concoctopus 0 195
@CustomerSupport Generic responses. RaptorJesusss RaptorJesusss 0 246
Position Queuing Arushni Arushni 0 232
We lost our series game because of PvP.net lag QschinRAR ASneakyT 1 266
New Ranking System Toki Wartüth DigitalDew 5 396
Leave? What?! I don't remember that?! My Dank Herb My Dank Herb 0 225
Payment Methods Crowski Crowski 0 661
[Suggestion] Pre-Rooting out "Toxic Players."  ( 1 2 ) LeoVonNewton chiefZzzzzzzzzzz 11 1650
Forum Rework when? NZtheGingerNinja NZtheGingerNinja 0 237
can someone answer my question? yourJB is weak yourJB is weak 2 297
[Suggestion] Regarding leavers at the beginning of ranked games peterisyum peterisyum 0 286
Real quick question Spraya crafterofmines 1 266
Ranked Que Ducking Issue k2snowboard1996 k2snowboard1996 0 278
Please add voice communication to the game NobodYouKnow NobodYouKnow 4 701
We should be warned if our League Points would soon decline due to not playing ranked YoshiXD808 YoshiXD808 0 273
Need option to search 1v1 game! SquarishrugQC SquarishrugQC 0 235
MMS: Pre-position call instead of role NanaMadHouse Míley Dyrus 3 862
Profile stats DO NOT CHANGE FOR A MONTH CÔZZY KangTweak 1 939
I want my loss omitted because of your client TriangleMann Sleemy 1 238
Matchmaking (Chapter 2) CharlieZmb NanaMadHouse 3 250
Item Help Center for Noobs! Sleemy Sleemy 0 223
Duo queue ranked boost problems and suggestions Kumamon JPN Kumamon JPN 0 1455
I love the new Ranking System PoisonedTea PoisonedTea 0 279
Is This Normal for Rank?  ( 1 2 ) Paradoxigent ŠtëadyGánkiñ 10 953