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[Riot Developers] Creating Forum Stat Signatures Twister1002 by Twister1002 1 955
Cool idea: Mvp of the team Osler100 by Pker5256 1 729
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Punished both in normal and ranked games. lFalse Kingl by lFalse Kingl 0 425
Buddy and Chat System kBeatz by kBeatz 0 432
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your match making system is **** Pyrowalker by Pyrowalker 1 567
Weird thing about the ranking system... KayLix by KayLix 0 449
WTF is going on A for Anabolic by A for Anabolic 0 429
please riot...fix it   ( 1 2) Pyrowalker by NewPortsHorTs 12 883
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People in pvp these days... NoobMule by Gdstro 1 708
AP/AD recommended items? Jasdeep Sohal by Gdstro 1 661
Seriously, what the hell is this? Some kind of a joke? rustyAK47 by Gdstro 2 437
Skin Vault Teh Lawler by Teh Lawler 0 524
[Suggestion] Voice Chat Mode on LoL. NinjaUnion by Nezo 1 479
LoL PvP.Net Client Feedback SouLPr3Lat3 by SouLPr3Lat3 0 379
Refresh option for live games? Garlyle Wilds by hadNt 1 805
Question to Riot, Will Australia ever get there own dedicated server? Nuadeilin by jaybay123 5 630
[SUGGESTION] Real time, team locked spectator mode xIGGYx by Troa 8 1,218
Addition of chat to summoning screens Cooleko by Cooleko 0 280
Role based queue system Legend0fBrian by Legend0fBrian 0 298
Kill Leavers. pizzzzak by pizzzzak 0 299
Requirements for ranked stats display in lobby? Raikousen by barr3t 2 1,313
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I decided to check out one of your chat channels, oh boy what a mistake that was. Superdopeman by Superdopeman 0 376
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Elo System iLegitVo by iLegitVo 2 444