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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Riot, please moderate the public chatrooms MEOWCAKES MEOWCAKES 0 525
Current League system is meaningless VayneBug VayneBug 0 365
Log out option MADE IN IRON donsensey 1 331
I need assistance and support doesn't work help!!!!!!!!!!! GOMLhoe GOMLhoe 0 358
why i can't open the client? evilness clown William12726 1 493
Suggestion: Test Server Metathesio S0ftie 2 479
Suicide PewPewSuperDelux PewPewSuperDelux 0 312
Bug splat in loading screen... Joelybutt Meut 1 499
(MUST READ)Please take this into consideration TMKevin dvs11 8 601
Status Messages HeaDHanchO15 HeaDHanchO15 0 353
Cant Join Games dvs11 dvs11 0 316
League Points not working right? Sleezure sephra 4 553
mod.rds.cmrds has undefined dependency jaketts Mini5Medz 2 315
Fix The LP System NOW Ørbitz Ørbitz 0 295
Please Seperate Players That Dont Speak The Same Language Ccavemandave Ccavemandave 3 508
Gifting System lagNZ lagNZ 0 297
Store not acknowledged my rune purchase with IP Yayasure Yayasure 0 277
no selection auto-dodge concerns BattleNetPhood BattleNetPhood 0 307
An option to NOT play with duo's in ranked games Scarbrow Scarbrow 0 276
Suggestion to the Store (Runes) Siêu Nhân Xanh Siêu Nhân Xanh 0 273
Staff; South America Server Joseeph12 Joseeph12 0 308
7 rune page bundle? Drackolus Drackolus 2 670
could not control champse Unkillbull Unkillbull 0 274
Everyone in the game lagged and we lose points? Anto1 Anto1 0 263
probably a dumb question but.... derindel derindel 0 262
suggestion, New game play 7bib2 7bib2 0 243
Is there a way to interface with LoL Air Client Odins0n Odins0n 0 242
Suggestion: Ranked system cooperating with trolls? GFRebello zeroehd 6 672
New Server xDarKxSh4DoW xDarKxSh4DoW 0 228
Game closed and forced to update XtourbillonX XtourbillonX 0 221
I'm getting real tired of this clent Libra Man Libra Man 0 229
Input.ini for each champion Cpt Munchies Cpt Munchies 0 247
Trolls MUST be Stopped! Nickthestud ReiAngel 4 529
Suggestion for Match History Improvement Erix55 Erix55 0 208
Champion "stat" screens Flamingfurball Flamingfurball 0 328
Server probelm messages lead to the wrong page Void2258 Void2258 0 208
SEA serever chumchurum chumchurum 0 201
been in que for 4 hours ...... Foxy MOBBST3R chiefZzzzzzzzzzz 2 266
Karma Patch Not Working!!!! SyndicateHD SyndicateHD 0 285
Solution to "WTF?!?! I CALLED ______" Luigi5390 Toji Majia 9 598
Replace "Lock" with "Ready" RobertFreeman Toji Majia 6 9883
2 hour login ques why Schweigegelübde Toji Majia 1 289
Cant Get Past champ select Riftkiller21 Riftkiller21 0 206
Forum features thejoelhasnen thejoelhasnen 0 212
Stupid que headshot119 XxLarmaxX 2 299
Errors in the website text RayShuttlesworth sciberbia 1 204
holy **** patch my fat dick MattSprague MattSprague 0 242
When will the NA servers be back on ? GingerificGaming revtech 2 263
Rune Page Illogical Synfidie Arcticfury 6 420
why do the patches now break the game? twinksthebard twinksthebard 0 196