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STORE IS BROKEN!!!! L_L for me atleast...Please help. Binaric Binaric 0 834
Are you kidding with these new passwords? Shivashakti Shivashakti 0 794
The Password Reset Requirements Smell Bad Qsario Qsario 2 987
[Suggestion] Display Ping IAmAPoser Mitori Kawashiro 4 957
Getting stuck in a bad game Zatsh Zatsh 2 807
Password Reset grief HateMachine Hauptmann6 2 940
In Game Voice chat with Team? banihas banihas 2 817
Division Hell? Feleas Feleas 7 1147
Suggestion:Role selection prior to queue mjb101 Forgetmemory 5 1380
Make the LoL forums a little bit more like a typical Forum mantrunks Forgetmemory 1 759
Pvp.net chat idea! Fearthechamp Fearthechamp 0 702
Spectate matches when there is an "event" in the client? Ailith088 Ailith088 0 732
PVP.net repair client by itself iLikeBrownie iLikeBrownie 0 750
PVP net down? BladeXrunner BladeXrunner 2 774
Is this how a client really works? Kalenda2 Kalenda2 0 719
[suggestion]role call before going into queue blahagale PositiveAffxtion 3 1360
this new password "stuff" icejohn13 PositiveAffxtion 2 772
Not returning to client after game bigsteeps bigsteeps 0 667
how to see your threads What To Do Now Bro Maniac US 8 1837
Account security Idea Ceurin QBird253 5 1095
Web page pet peeve summoknor summoknor 0 628
VIdeos not changing when prompted Elias Songstorm Elias Songstorm 0 594
Forgot new password Prime123 Prime123 1 685
How do u skip a Division in Rank solo que? itsalan JimmyKeaver 2 3341
Important Security Update and Password Reset Email Jmbec Jmbec 1 698
Champion skin trading ShikakuNara ShikakuNara 0 645
Champion Select Search Bar Jeeb├║s Chadman16 1 1464
Cooldown info on abilities Oblivion111 Socialisto 2 704
stuff that should be in this game DirtyDtracy DirtyDtracy 1 750
Options menu ninjouri ninjouri 0 789
Thereisnourflevel (There is no urf level) -_- kyawzinko kyawzinko 0 747
Thereisnourflevel (There is no urf level) -_- kyawzinko kyawzinko 0 742
!!! kyawzinko kyawzinko 0 705
Servers offline? Virilium pvolgin1 5 2354
Sorry riot, but adobe client still sucks. Socialisto Socialisto 0 734
Kills Breakdown kojeek kkims007 1 775
To: Riot Games N0obavore kkims007 2 1002
League Points caseofxtc XiLiPro 1 788
Account Switching Vinta Calvert Vinta Calvert 0 777
Game watching selection options. Derriock Derriock 0 747
Ranked points all messed up for me? Dechristianize Dechristianize 0 764
Controls and other options need to be accessible outside of a match. ABCISMASTA ABCISMASTA 0 760
Stream up! learn to support! The Maritimer The Maritimer 1 772
League broken Alakazam18 Crazier Casta 1 818
Hey guys I am streaming and giving away 4 $10 RP cards and 1 $25 RP cards :) auragazer auragazer 0 794
[Request] Account Migration Blue Baby Blue Baby 2 817
There should really be a report button in the chat, take a look at this NeuronicScripts Crazier Casta 2 892
Trying to rise in the leagues is an awful, frustrating experience. KT Samurai xXUnkn0wnXx 1 864
What. Is. This. Matchmaking. StealthyKnive xXUnkn0wnXx 3 966
Suggestion:"Leave league" function to re-place mjb101 xXUnkn0wnXx 2 887