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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Player Concepts and Champion Feedback have the same icon Feo Leche Feo Leche 6 1313
Disconnecting from chat WildLlama WildLlama 0 664
Option to turn off extraneous font/size/color. Jöe Jöe 0 703
Font size "trick" glitches and issues Happy Pirates Jöe 2 1132
gifting JChaosMaster imTru 1 647
Replay Idea UncleSlim imTru 1 633
Exhaust op DemiGod26 imTru 2 672
Champion select! Mauu5head Mauu5head 1 651
Champion Grouping in champ select KennFitty1050 Mauu5head 2 1023
Bug with "Disable Login Music" Inago Rider Marveljunky 5 1370
Stop announcing sales so early - you are hurting your bottom line Lokust Phoenix Happy Pirates 2 1208
Leaver protection system SunflowerSamurai Happy Pirates 3 790
Elo in Tribunal Skykingcst Skykingcst 0 566
MMR system is designed to maintain failure SlugLyfe imTru 1 758
Why BRONZE WHY Sweetsoft imTru 2 872
Features to consider JQP122 JQP122 2 866
Font Size Watermaester Watermaester 0 551
Match History Stats yobhguod yobhguod 0 485
Forum new section suggestion Sarminia Sarminia 0 469
Champion Select Filters DeafCatMoan Skarenox 2 1190
RP+ Program (Didn't know where to put this.) siegeup115 siegeup115 0 502
I can not play keeps telling me to reconnect scl dt1994 scl dt1994 0 705
Tags in status (bad idea) AkaruiTsundere AkaruiTsundere 0 543
login music Pleit ShellyPoo 1 751
Mastery Pages hankland hankland 0 438
Stat-Tracking Profiles Razz Pitazz Razz Pitazz 0 444
Suggestion About wait times for dodging Ques Clavdivs detox2retox 7 1191
Mute pre-game music Merb2 Rkt Jso mk IV 2 831
Friend Interface asdf2423 asdf2423 0 463
Ignore user. L3g3ndR Pouringfire 1 619
Extension of status character limit discussion Everything Nice Gnarltaint 2 728
Allow swap request after rerolling MottiSir MottiSir 0 432
Make an option to turn off in-queue music while IN queue Joxel Joxel 0 443
Inviting Friends to Game Szealox Szealox 0 582
pressing enter leaves the post game lobby. plz stop this. 3rdStorm 3rdStorm 1 1270
Suggestion for champ select normal games. True Axis Hero JQP122 1 460
Forum Suggestion: Following Threads Karatetoes Karatetoes 0 440
Suggestion: Backwards Sale!! Eggroll9000 FreshFuhrer 2 467
The removal of inactive accounts. Levi Of Astora Pissfer 1 705
changing login screen PSYCOsanches589 PSYCOsanches589 0 408
Client should start from top on laptop resolutions TheBestAshe TheBestAshe 0 431
eSports website broken StanielK StanielK 0 428
Maybe a different font? (Out-Of-Game UI Suggestion) JewDidntWork JewDidntWork 0 598
Champion Trading Under Fire Under Fire 0 540
League won't open for me BLACKCROW7 shikhaaa 2 860
Thresh ability description problem Dragon616 Dragon616 0 448
[Suggestion] Friends list QoL change. Blippy Blippy 0 489
Suggestion: Forum History CookieEatingMOFO CookieEatingMOFO 0 397
MMR is no good personally DemiGod26 DemiGod26 2 541
checking builds on the site PSYCOsanches589 PSYCOsanches589 0 384