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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Invite Players From Last Game DontBanThresh DontBanThresh 0 617
Riot Games Inc. Revenue 2012 lisoyt crunchor 2 5071
Ping displayed near "Play" button eyre crowe eyre crowe 0 607
Skins Not Showing Tatsune Tatsune 0 612
New way to buy runes heywowlookitsme heywowlookitsme 0 625
Rune Page Selection Suggestion Saeiren xXKillerPumaXx 2 621
More languages NA? Pleiades Pleiades 0 526
Random role suggestion migty1joe migty1joe 0 565
How to get rid of the "role calling system" tataku999 neg9 7 2165
My client won't stop updating. Order5 Phairee 1 2429
Role/Position Queue - Looking for a Riot Response?  ( 1 2 ) Stârk Invisy 11 3512
Other methods of recording LoL games? ShadowNinja1993 ShadowNinja1993 0 751
Charged for riot points Skfanaav Skfanaav 0 641
Modding support? BDPershing BDPershing 0 756
Extend "Recently Played" to after logout Fidel Castbro Pissfer 1 735
When inviting to Ranked Teams MajesticRaven Pissfer 1 925
Why am i paired with unranked people DemiGod26 Pissfer 1 892
Purchasing Runes More Efficiently Scuzzit Skithee 1 1285
Grammar issues in the client Patjoo Patjoo 0 711
About Modding the New Login Screens (Janna and Lucian) xLOTOx Artum Tsumia 3 2523
Forums Suggestion RuneLegends RuneLegends 2 926
Need RP SkittleMeDandy Invisy 3 1188
Pre picking roles WATIC Invisy 2 2068
Suggestion: Turn your friendlist offline. Triggerhand Invisy 1 983
Please read this thread all werewolvecaster Invisy 1 574
Updating the game client. (Languages functionality) Ranguro Ranguro 0 705
black bars in game on the side of your screen xxmadkillaxx xxmadkillaxx 2 2196
Can There Mage Lord Nelber Mage Lord Nelber 0 578
Suggestion: Practice Mode Warriorman21 Warriorman21 0 734
While in queue.... The Öutcast The Öutcast 0 569
Game Mode adjustment Winterharte Winterharte 0 605
friend list function suggestion RegentNox RegentNox 0 578
Korean/NA Server Files Minty Hitomi Minty Hitomi 0 1586
Regarding the merchandise sold at World Championship wayneepoo wayneepoo 0 1663
PVP.NET not responding every time a game ends lvchaos Tubyas 2 938
Custom Login Screen / Lobby DarkKat48 DarkKat48 0 754
why riot Unknown Apostle Unknown Apostle 0 579
[SUGGESTION]Pvp Client Summoner Spells zeronx1234 zeronx1234 0 571
How to tailor LP to the Individual Benofdoom Benofdoom 0 540
More Advanced Search Filter in Prized Tournament Selection DarkMount DarkMount 0 606
Champion Select interface Shinkata Shinkata 0 624
Serverside Lobby Chat for Local Client Saydene Saydene 0 666
Client Legal Popups Xurreal Xurreal 0 619
"Active Game Not Found"? BeefJerkyHunter BeefJerkyHunter 0 652
Display gold earned from: minions, kills, etc Winniethejewbear Winniethejewbear 1 1085
My night so far... Riot? Saydene Saydene 1 687
patch preview Flaming Oracle Flaming Oracle 0 561
Better Match Making System Mage Lord Nelber Mage Lord Nelber 0 593
What causes the "lolclient.exe has stopped working" glitch Annie C Hastur Annie C Hastur 0 555
[Suggestion] Loading screen borders for RP ZseLotH ZseLotH 0 547