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Suggestion: Honor System DerkDerkistan by DerkDerkistan 0 173
suggestion: per champion keybindings LiegeWaffles by Pirc 4 871
Be warned that Riot will refuse to refund Riot points - Even if their system bugs Shaded Zephyr by Shaded Zephyr 0 266
remove mmr syste, plz ?getting troll like a boss? Troll Jungle Gg by Troll Jungle Gg 0 167
remove mmr system GOD Troll Jungle Gg by Troll Jungle Gg 0 178
srsly ur system is dumb Troll Jungle Gg by Troll Jungle Gg 0 131
riot fix ur mmr system ... Troll Jungle Gg by Troll Jungle Gg 0 148
riot u dumb? Troll Jungle Gg by Troll Jungle Gg 0 130
Status on Loading Screen A Ghost Amid Men by A Ghost Amid Men 0 137
Frequent Buyer Program (Petition) Fiddlesticks Bro by Fiddlesticks Bro 1 155
Surrender Changes Zubatman by Zubatman 0 150
Suggestion for Honor Points after game Rydurh by Rydurh 0 147
Game Lobby Role Selection Doowtaa by Fiddlesticks Bro 1 324
Karma's champion page has a typo. Fate000 by Fiddlesticks Bro 1 262
Feature request: re-order Mastery/Rune pages starwarer by Fiddlesticks Bro 8 793
Suggestions for clarity in low level game display Jorick by Fiddlesticks Bro 1 215
More Accurate Time Scale... LordKaosofDunmar by LordKaosofDunmar 2 206
Where exactly is the bug report on Ruf Pup by Ruf Pup 0 157
Premades that are too far off are breaking the system of LP gains/loses Kimimaro49 by Kimimaro49 2 403
<rant> MMM103 by Malcolt3 1 44
"little League" ranked entry series idea Fenji by Fenji 1 189
New Oceania Server: Why move? thekingsaw by thekingsaw 0 303
Inactivity notifications when i'm not inactive? WeasuhL by WeasuhL 1 489
It would be great to have more "all random" modes Dagwood by Dagwood 0 191
Feture Request - Vote of no Confidence Rehal Dahz by Rehal Dahz 0 230
Problem with lag in league of legends Definitely No by Definitely No 0 210
Feature Request: Re-Open Previous Game Lobby DAVdaBRAV by DAVdaBRAV 0 212
Problem with RP transfer Kammm808 by Paranorman7 5 916
load game bug siupong88 by siupong88 0 197
can u even report someone without playing a game with them? Lunaras by GoldenWarrior01 1 295
Add a votekick option in the lobby ProtoZero by ProtoZero 0 200
+0LP in Last Stretch Swift Hikari by Swift Hikari 0 270
Ping issues Tossup by Tossup 0 214
Why don't I have a S2 badge? TGS Tong by TGS Tong 2 206
[Suggestion] Let's make Ziggs Viable! Blanck by Blanck 1 260
Bronze 5 forever johnakos98 by johnakos98 3 305
Leaving Message to Friends StEw4rT by StEw4rT 2 455
[Idea] changes. Requesting A Red! Raw Essence by Raw Essence 0 251
Store ImJafar by ImJafar 0 222
where do suggestions go? meaniehead by Murph McMorphwiz 5 246
Love the game, but the interface needs work! Walnnut by Walnnut 0 226
Integrate new (or old) forums into launcher? Basnap by IS1330ca164c1e976181edd 1 310
Riot i need your help Ahzoos by Ahzoos 0 225
Can We Get Disconnect Message In Champ Loading Screen? KevinDelMarr by KevinDelMarr 0 272
Why can't we have both? linktre by linktre 2 266
A simple change that could help the MMR system Rat In Hat by ArcanaZeroOne 1 291
Something needs to be done about the MMR system Rat In Hat by ArcanaZeroOne 1 325
Unbanning MY account mælis by ArcanaZeroOne 1 337
Not Losing LP when AFKer is in the game Bruh Thug Mode by ArcanaZeroOne 5 548
Hey Riot!!!!! AboeLinux by ArcanaZeroOne 1 243