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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Personal Performance Awards (is this for real?) SteamPunkPhysics SteamPunkPhysics 0 1427
Suggestion: Promote Skill Building with Ranked Selection Phantus Phantus 0 1216
Ranked Teams Matchmaking NEEDS to be Fixed Obrusnine Obrusnine 1 2607
Improved Match History Display: Show LP gained/lost when playing ranked The Knight of Ní The Knight of Ní 0 1457
New Matchmaking & Rank Display System Daen M0MENTUM 1 1737
Picking Lanes During Queue SuspensionLol Pissfer 1 1213
how can you not filter these people. reaper2493 reaper2493 1 1207
Position and Resizing DrTeath RolandOTD 1 1881
Remove DUO system Dooboosoda Buff0815 4 3259
Inappropriate Summoners Megana18 Megana18 0 1288
Aram dodging and smurfs Kolos1001 Kolos1001 0 1270
The League System is Arbitrary Daen Daen 0 1305
Please make LP loss have diminishing returns destos Noms De Guerre 3 3353
More Chatrooms? ItsACrabBattle Prometheus856 2 1541
Map glitch with noc omega4cure omega4cure 0 1313
ARAM Reroll should raise the cap of 2 BatmanMD30 BatmanMD30 2 2094
Wolves in Sheeps Clothing: New Players Victims to Veterans PrinceArchie PrinceArchie 0 1358
How does Party queue work with different levels? MojoVince MojoVince 0 1243
Ranked Solo 3v3 Thurhame Thurhame 0 1169
New preseason masteries calculator typo LGThanatos LGThanatos 0 10020
Ranked Games Nirrien Chamakaze 2 1145
New League Of Legends 5 Ban system PoisonedTea Chamakaze 1 1470
Suggestion: The ability to see who is spectating masonLoLoL Chamakaze 3 1120
Team Stat Keeping idea Elf Champ53 Elf Champ53 0 876
Better after-game lobby Adeelos Adeelos 0 974
Idea to help w/ jungle invades and snowballing from it tastycuppcakkess Sahrangheh 2 1174
Platinum is just the new silver Dominator J PoisonedTea 1 1217
PBE and placement matches. Kalarin Kalarin 2 1358
Refund Rework [Opinions?]  ( 1 2 ) Chamakaze Chamakaze 10 7323
Make Your Own Bundle hasman49 hasman49 0 996
Forums Riely Riely 0 916
Free Skin rotation Grand Zenith Grand Zenith 0 1268
Ai games RMA Paladini RMA Paladini 0 1084
Why not use splash art in the after game stat grid? Everspace VDragon7 1 1345
"Spectate Live" is boring! naotasan VDragon7 5 3683
decline ques X Riven Bunny X X Riven Bunny X 0 1033
New Game Mode Idea Windhunter7 Windhunter7 0 1094
one free name change VDragon7 VDragon7 0 1197
Awarding the Kill 5aiken Pu1se 1 1600
Bolded Text in Shop ImTheProof NotSoSlimJim 2
Riot Post
Spectator Mode Delay Unconnected wlwl1 3 4736
Banning Elo Boosters LucidLimbo LucidLimbo 0 1341
Potential Lag Cause: RIOT PLEASE READ cusquirm cusquirm 0 1584
Broken game ShickenChit Nigasnparis 1 1477
LP gains K1ll3r1nk TheDrakesLament 3 2234
Matchmaking needs to be fixed powershot12 ShickenChit 1 1716
Fix ranked solo q - gold is garbage Alphabroteamgo baron van baldy 2 1848
Rune Purchase Interface -- Need "not owned" filter NumberOneMercury NumberOneMercury 0 1335
Ranked a F---in Joke ShickenChit ShickenChit 2 1428
Mystery Gifting. Torviss Torviss 1 1359