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why not increase the # of champion ban? deirin by Forgetmemory 3 1,278
Forum idea- option fallow this post ViniLuiggi by ViniLuiggi 0 363
Done with runes or masteries fails ? CecylinTouque by Razz Pitazz 1 746
Report to Cancel game option in Champ select FriskeCrisps by Finnicks 1 423
Refer a friend glitch skullnoobX by skullnoobX 0 459
Report function in champ select Finnicks by Finnicks 0 408
League of Legends Client Won't Open Im Negro by Im Negro 0 417
Suggestion: Trade pick order. Warriorman21 by Warriorman21 0 360
Lobby Interface ping feature. Havokxz by Havokxz 0 424 Patcher is BLACK EclipsedGamer by EclipsedGamer 4 621
Website Suggestion + In-Game Tab The1ManWoman by The1ManWoman 2 979
RP+ Program Feedback Meadows by Pissfer 4 1,038
Shopper Program - eliminate trolls VeryGrimm by VeryGrimm 0 370
Idea for rp! ElementReaper by Pissfer 1 408
@Riot Opening a Singapore server? Wanderer Iz by Pissfer 2 845
In-game Skin Preview on the Champion Overview Screen Asatharax by Asatharax 0 456
Custom Champion Lists LikwidFire686 by Predator77777 3 527
Store Bug DeflectRange by Pissfer 1 383
Results screen problems agherwyijogkj by agherwyijogkj 0 371
Lock in Bans? (suggestion) Warriorman21 by LikwidFire686 3 1,028 Kernel Stopped Working.. XxPureMAFIAxX by DeflectRange 1 501
[Website]Featured streamers page goremote by goremote 0 343
Dodging penalty athoughtoutname by Pissfer 6 1,141
Idea: "Wards Placed" statistic in post-game stats Edahsrevlis by Edahsrevlis 0 336 Kernel Stopped Working.... XxPureMAFIAxX by XxPureMAFIAxX 0 440 Kernel stopped working.... WalkingIllusion by WalkingIllusion 0 442
The new team builder feature. D3thSpawn by D3thSpawn 0 469
[Suggestion] Item Set Imports BlazeFirestormer by BlazeFirestormer 0 564
What happened to LoL Timeline? Fidel Castbro by Fidel Castbro 0 522
Friends List Won't Minimize iceyman02 by iceyman02 0 555
Mobile site Atelus by Atelus 0 576
Ward Skin Select PandaBooBooChild by PandaBooBooChild 0 576
@Riot: Can't see skins in skin tab/buy in champions tab El Chapo by El Chapo 0 607
Loading screen chat (team chat only) Brakamaul by Brakamaul 0 549
Why can't my ranked wins count toward my total number of wins? xXKillerPumaXx by Pissfer 1 865
I am chinese,i must give this sujestion eliteacher by eliteacher 2 528
Tribunal, A handy footnote. The Wizard of Oz by The Wizard of Oz 0 547
Riot, I urge you to rework the system of clamping next season. extreme person by extreme person 0 612
Post game stats idea Im noob help me by Im noob help me 0 607
Champion Design Process Video? VlNYL SCRATCH by VlNYL SCRATCH 0 618
Some ideas for Riot "Prob wont look but worth a shot" iPhish by iPhish 0 637
Runes/Masteries Lost Visage by Lost Visage 0 541
more security Franz3s by Franz3s 0 523
Suggestion: Fix Position Calling Issues in Champ Selection Edahsrevlis by Edahsrevlis 2 1,155
Is anyone else having ms problems Cozy Chameleon by Pissfer 1 572
Can we please fix the client?!? Adrithria by anAmishLady 6 Riot Post 1,602
League client really buggy today. First time with repetitive glitches in one day... anAmishLady by anAmishLady 0 547
Queuing into a Role   ( 1 2) Superpockets by Mellow Owl 11 3,262
Suggestion: Make players able to mark champions they're good with Newb1 by Newb1 7 1,133
LoL not working at all Frozen Shark by Frozen Shark 0 614