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30 extra levels PVP-only BEFORE ranked allowed. Shiva2012 Calthazar 1 1579
Only similar elos should be allowed to duo. Engoree Calthazar 6 2974
@Riot please disable edit feature for news comments Blaze Away Blaze Away 0 296
Invisble Gohon247 Gohon247 0 364
Please let us buy skins before we own the champion Kholdstare13 Gohon247 1 838
After the game. 13aDLuCK 13aDLuCK 0 498
Match found boolean DeliciousVimp DeliciousVimp 2 898
some ideas RustedHearts RustedHearts 0 531
Spectating specific champs Quartzmonkey Quartzmonkey 0 683
Show Current Season Tiers In Loading Screen Play Me I Suck Play Me I Suck 0 567
Update on Champion Spotlights SharpShot23 SharpShot23 0 500
DCing during champ select in Promo Bigpapadapa Jarl Stormcloak 4 5512
Automatically Delete Log Files? ImTheProof ImTheProof 0 815
Is it necessary for Repair Installation to wipe my item sets? TheCowness ApotheosisCM 2 1695
Lag indicator on Lobby Client Window? mantrunks mantrunks 0 499
Add account creation date to forum, DARIU5 DARIU5 0 518
Idea for matchmaking LanternHJ BeachSamurai 3 1708
@Riot concerning Champion Select BeachSamurai BeachSamurai 0 597
Connecting to server... Cryosight Cryosight 0 579
Pre-Season Neverstorm Neverstorm 0 634
Client crashes everytime Inb4owning Inb4owning 0 629
More game options and ability to join multiple queues beeker beeker 0 705
extreme lag problems with NA servers ssparkster96 ssparkster96 0 743
Suggestion: Viewing friend's champ pools or trading pick order CoLT40FiiVe CoLT40FiiVe 0 651
You should swap pick position, not champions. CorgiFan CorgiFan 0 682
Personality matchmaking InsaneSamurai InsaneSamurai 0 664
Random disconnects in picks after preseason patch Elefes Scady 2 1139
Rename suggestion: "International Server" Son of Mu Son of Mu 0 825
Targon's Brace in Item Sets Zombiemaster Zombiemaster 0 775
Majority Wins on One for All Liringlas Liringlas 3 1611
Help Me Help You razthesummoner Jeremy66 1 957
Gold earnings after the game stat migty1joe migty1joe 0 887
I never notice notifications now AhhShucks AhhShucks 1 2403
@riot profile banner Skullkrusha Skullkrusha 0 1046
Remake the League Client vPurplePanda vPurplePanda 0 1052
Ranked - Making a LP system for Leavers R3DXlll R3DXlll 0 947
Crash in loading screen Life4Siphon R4P1DZz 2 2265
12 hr and 24 hr option. Warmz Warmz 0 947
Have a little advice about Solo Queue Blind Pick Normal BH Slayer Technetium 3030 2 949
Revamp the look of the whole client KarasuGamma KarasuGamma 5 3023
Reporting SwagMuffinMan SwagMuffinMan 0 929
Matchmake by loading times! Jaradis Jaradis 0 998
Smurfs on aram Kolos1001 Kolos1001 0 1042
I think the riot-point screen could use a rework. Lukon Lukon 2 1242
Champion select mafiahalo93 SerenityPower 1 2479
ARAM Champ Self-Ban  ( 1 2 ) eyre crowe yobhguod 18
Riot Post
Adding Chat to the Loading Screen? FriskeCrisps yobhguod 6 3204
Status/Status Updates yobhguod yobhguod 0 1038
Unable to launch the title - after formatting my HD ajdrno ajdrno 0 1146
Featured Modes Spectate-able Corrin Mana OMGItsSoJuicy 1 1308