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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Suggestion: Custom Character Screen Selection.  ( 1 2 3 ) Ekazz Shadowfigure51 21 9113
Item Sets onto the Cloud. iPeekAtChu DeliciousVimp 3 1958
[Suggestion] Follow Feature Kyle F Kyle F 0 1025
Ranked Que and Promotion Series MasterofSFL Obrusnine 2 1473
Pick order in draft games 0blit3rat0r Buff0815 1 1470
Didnt know where else to put this: Crowdsourcing Atzero Atzero 0 1046
Champion Sets in Selection FistsofJesus2 FistsofJesus2 0 1145
Duo queue annoyance Melvear Melvear 0 1215
Matchmaking fail CoralChains CoralChains 1 1215
What's up with PVP.net?  ( 1 2 ) o Frost Bite o Krosulhah 17 2506
Sorta messed up MMR system Convîct wingwinglikky 1 2097
Why Are There Plats In My Games?!?!?! wingwinglikky wingwinglikky 0 1212
Possible Typo In Website HTML Code Karatetoes Karatetoes 0 1226
Name resets? ThugLifeGG THB King 1 1294
Ranked Que and Promotion Series MasterofSFL MasterofSFL 0 1207
League of Legends API- External authentication J4G J4G 0 1158
[Suggestion] League of Legends API- External authentication J4G J4G 0 1173
[Suggestion] League of Legends API- External authentication J4G J4G 0 1074
Bad link in pvp.net client. XxOmuraxX XxOmuraxX 0 1198
Graph in percent please ! :D iluvalar iluvalar 0 1212
Fix this lag please Teysa Karlovv Worst Eve NA 1 1108
Didnt recieve lagacy icon MysteriousJakk MysteriousJakk 0 1039
HELP! Store Browse Error Mìtsurugi Mìtsurugi 0 1079
Automatically mitigate LP loss in games with AFK detected by system? Sword of Eris Sword of Eris 2 1097
champion select sort VICKLIUS AK1cec0ld 2 3149
Serious connectivity issues quitlolnowplz Deathblo 1 932
Borders in unranked Prefix Prefix 0 958
An issue for with tribunal decision making SuperMerc SuperMerc 0 950
Client Crashes All the Time... vVAngeloVv vVAngeloVv 0 946
spectating notification j cha j cha 0 981
Add custom messages for invites! Rockblood Rockblood 0 901
To Riot wonderboy1001 wonderboy1001 0 984
Minor thing to be changed in Season 4 WakingRage Voi Ta 1 728
Feature Suggestion: Champion Select Folders CuddleBunni Voi Ta 1 770
Loading screen team chat? InsaneSamurai Voi Ta 2 725
Suggestion: Enable chat during load screen TheGreatXandini Voi Ta 6 1181
Ranked MMR Fairness Alpha Queue Scittish 2 1188
Current Ranking system is unrewarding for skillful players Haunt MasterofSFL 2 1774
suggestion: "negative/death gold" stat meateatereater meateatereater 0 597
Solo-Que Bans should be Voted on. MasterofSFL MasterofSFL 0 564
Minor thing to be changed in Season 4 WakingRage WakingRage 0 517
i cannot buy RP? lafondablack lafondablack 0 447
Suggestion: 45 seconds of team chat before first champion can be banned Zaub Zaub 0 310
Why hide borders? VengefulFruits VengefulFruits 2 693
Outside-game Ping display Pyroflayer Sublime Mystic 1 1484
Implementing Skin Trades Would Be Awesome! Sacries Sacries 0 251
Must item sets be stored locally? StuffedTurkey007 StuffedTurkey007 0 308
Another summoner spell RustedHearts Damon Foley 1 381
Clean up your lol air releases Yeeehawww Yeeehawww 0 325
Easier rune pages creation/editing Voi Ta Voi Ta 0 284