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PLEASE move the honor/ignore button on the Victory/Defeat screen   ( 1 2 3) Denebius by Denebius 23 Riot Post 9,518
Don't let chat load in champion select until everyone is loaded in the room. Agatio by juggernaut1821 6 2,004
NEW IDEA: "Create A Summoner" Simply A Desk by juggernaut1821 2 1,803
Perma mystery gift? RustedHearts by juggernaut1821 1 1,762
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Champion Stats API? Bauss21 by Xenorpha 6 Riot Post 5,995
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Buying champions under 975 RP with RP is a waste. Alopix by Hirok0 2 2,308
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Normals Matchmaking needs SERIOUS readjustment I Like Tortless by Hirok0 3 1,798
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