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i dont know why im not getting the christmas emblems pluorew12 by pluorew12 0 1,147
Dear riot, AFK and Leavers IEatNoob by IEatNoob 2 1,190
winter 2013 summoner icons Nicdude777 by Nicdude777 0 1,335
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Game Length added to Match History Stat Details? Loxbear by Loxbear 0 1,153
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The Store Cpt Munchies by Oviblion 5 8,745
My Recommendations. TheRikari by TheRikari 0 1,123
umm 15 min wait for not doding? Mage Lord Nelber by Mage Lord Nelber 0 1,112
Issues with LP loss TheVissen by TheVissen 0 1,153
It's not RnD, it's RnM Illuona by Illuona 0 1,185
[Suggestion] Ready button in party que TaoOfJeetKuneDo by Aisu Tani 1 1,216
The Tribunal's Tiny Skip Button... Aisu Tani by Aisu Tani 0 1,157
bronze players should have to pay not pokemon by not pokemon 0 1,262
Team builder, Auto-locking trolls, and scrap the Que dodge V3numb by V3numb 5 2,582
Proof that the Matchmaking System needs to be fixed Demortius by Ithacaboy17 4 4,007
[Suggestion] End date for Refundable Purchases Darth Melkor by Darth Melkor 0 1,020
Help! Disconnect From chat in champ select xWoofles by xWoofles 0 1,163
Improving the Ban system. Lord Vocu by Lord Vocu 2 1,263
In Game Voice Comms? Fallrim by Fallrim 0 1,040
Help! Disconnect From chat in champ select xWoofles by xWoofles 0 1,047
Champion Selection: meta positions NytSage by NytSage 0 1,175
Apparently the client wont connect to game Chaos Lives by Chaos Lives 0 1,074
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[Suggestion] Rune and Mastery Pages Maru th Undrtkr by Maru th Undrtkr 0 1,221
Chat System Toxisem by Toxisem 0 1,097
need to fix afk problems in ranked kobak01 by kobak01 0 1,191
Blind Pick QQ LiquidTrent by BeachSamurai 1 1,935
If popups could be the last thing drawn/rendered, thatd be great Interius by Interius 0 1,101
Ability to set what the Login Screen Music is? And to play it on the Client Abductme by Abductme 1 2,080
Why does still suck   ( 1 2 3 ... 6) Jerrett by Reepca 50 15,614
Freezing in Champ Select Monarchk by Reepca 2 4,419
Account Problem GG Master Yi Bot by GG Master Yi Bot 0 1,014
Account Problem GG Master Yi Bot by GG Master Yi Bot 0 1,005
Connecting to in client. SmileyTrap by Ultratog1028 5 1,059
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Regarding New Champion Bundles Turtle Claus by M3ndota 1 1,272
Draft issues - Solution Proposal drummerjmm by drummerjmm 0 1,144
Suggestion: Select "Role" Durring Matchmaking. OneFreeMan13 by ItzxJosh 2 1,294
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LeaverBuster aJayll by aJayll 0 1,072
AFK Teammates TheSnarfles by TheSnarfles 0 982