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Loading screen team chat? InsaneSamurai by Voi Ta 2 701
Suggestion: Enable chat during load screen TheGreatXandini by Voi Ta 6 1,166
Ranked MMR Fairness Alpha Queue by Scittish 2 1,160
Current Ranking system is unrewarding for skillful players Haunt by MasterofSFL 2 1,749
suggestion: "negative/death gold" stat meateatereater by meateatereater 0 564
Solo-Que Bans should be Voted on. MasterofSFL by MasterofSFL 0 547
Minor thing to be changed in Season 4 WakingRage by WakingRage 0 505
i cannot buy RP? lafondablack by lafondablack 0 427
Suggestion: 45 seconds of team chat before first champion can be banned Zaub by Zaub 0 293
Why hide borders? VengefulFruits by VengefulFruits 2 671
Outside-game Ping display Pyroflayer by Sublime Mystic 1 1,467
Implementing Skin Trades Would Be Awesome! Sacries by Sacries 0 237
Must item sets be stored locally? StuffedTurkey007 by StuffedTurkey007 0 284
Another summoner spell RustedHearts by Damon Foley 1 368
Clean up your lol air releases Yeeehawww by Yeeehawww 0 295
Easier rune pages creation/editing Voi Ta by Voi Ta 0 268
30 extra levels PVP-only BEFORE ranked allowed. Shiva2012 by Calthazar 1 1,556
Only similar elos should be allowed to duo. Engoree by Calthazar 6 2,945
@Riot please disable edit feature for news comments Blaze Away by Blaze Away 0 281
Invisble Gohon247 by Gohon247 0 355
Please let us buy skins before we own the champion Kholdstare13 by Gohon247 1 820
After the game. 13aDLuCK by 13aDLuCK 0 487
Match found boolean DeliciousVimp by DeliciousVimp 2 878
some ideas RustedHearts by RustedHearts 0 523
Spectating specific champs Quartzmonkey by Quartzmonkey 0 614
Show Current Season Tiers In Loading Screen Play Me I Suck by Play Me I Suck 0 550
Update on Champion Spotlights SharpShot23 by SharpShot23 0 484
DCing during champ select in Promo Bigpapadapa by Jarl Stormcloak 4 4,703
Automatically Delete Log Files? ImTheProof by ImTheProof 0 675
Is it necessary for Repair Installation to wipe my item sets? TheCowness by ApotheosisCM 2 1,658
Lag indicator on Lobby Client Window? mantrunks by mantrunks 0 479
Ban Olaf PLZ Mankiller007 by Mankiller007 - -
Add account creation date to forum, DARIU5 by DARIU5 0 503
Idea for matchmaking LanternHJ by BeachSamurai 3 1,687
@Riot concerning Champion Select BeachSamurai by BeachSamurai 0 579
Connecting to server... Cryosight by Cryosight 0 571
Pre-Season Neverstorm by Neverstorm 0 617
Client crashes everytime Inb4owning by Inb4owning 0 611
More game options and ability to join multiple queues beeker by beeker 0 665
extreme lag problems with NA servers ssparkster96 by ssparkster96 0 707
Suggestion: Viewing friend's champ pools or trading pick order CoLT40FiiVe by CoLT40FiiVe 0 637
You should swap pick position, not champions. CorgiFan by CorgiFan 0 667
Personality matchmaking InsaneSamurai by InsaneSamurai 0 652
Random disconnects in picks after preseason patch Elefes by Scady 2 1,120
Rename suggestion: "International Server" Son of Mu by Son of Mu 0 799
Targon's Brace in Item Sets Zombiemaster by Zombiemaster 0 750
Majority Wins on One for All Liringlas by Liringlas 3 1,593
Help Me Help You razthesummoner by Jeremy66 1 944
Gold earnings after the game stat migty1joe by migty1joe 0 870
I never notice notifications now AhhShucks by AhhShucks 1 2,391