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@Riot How does the LP system work. WikaWikSlimShady bpeter289 1 1214
Mastery tooltip colours are backwards and my OCD hates it girbear girbear 0 897
Track Baron and Dragon kills Galagamaster Galagamaster 0 952
[Suggestion] Tribunal Kill Logs Rage Beyond CTRL Rage Beyond CTRL 0 932
Spectating Geodessia Geodessia 0 938
Queue with preset roles Laconian Myazma 1 1046
Need to mute everyone Red Bamboo Demando 5 1824
Got a message from riot?! Fearofmayhem Marteeeeen 5
Riot Post
Where are the patch notes? MeatWagon505 MeatWagon505 0 963
Achievement Rewards, IP Sink, Report Cards YEEKUZA YEEKUZA 0 994
I killed my friend! Phale Phale 0 980
Leavers The Elitist GG PeeCahChoo 3 2246
Please bring new update soon! PeeCahChoo PeeCahChoo 0 893
Runes Upgrades and Display Stârk Stârk 1 894
A suggestion for a new way to queue... CmosNeverlast Shrikesnest 1 901
A Simple Chat Room Proposal For Ranked Players! Best Gems NY Nepolian 2 2117
Very very long match que times TheSuperChicken TheSuperChicken 0 870
Game Length on Match History M3taTr0n M3taTr0n 0 931
Wouldn't it be fantastic if M3taTr0n M3taTr0n 0 911
Options out of game IAMDeFy Shaydawg69 1 1064
Chat rooms!!! MountainToadSage MountainToadSage 0 975
ranked system is unfair for soloers GodWas AMan2 Ethick 1 1774
Esports Pro Site Ramladon Ramladon 0 966
Store Timeout Nullpersona Saberprivateer 2
Riot Post
season 4? twitchiii twitchiii 0 1048
Does playing league of legends in garena have the euwest north americal,etc suilongkingofnub suilongkingofnub 0 1071
In-game Voice Chat? Kilgu Kilgu 2 1081
Gifting Center Addition - Wishlist Ferrousity Direwolfiez 1 1225
option for notification flash if new message in chat room zinxy zinxy 0 1047
Looking for Support and Top for dedicated team with scheduled practices. Easnoth Easnoth 0 1038
Champion pick/call order  ( 1 2 ) MasterOwnige neg9 14 6592
Chat system (out of game) Aearth Rawrior 3 1607
Clan Titles? N1ppleface Rawrior 1 1231
LF Clan System Ccavemandave Rawrior 2 1346
Queue Dodge Penalty Is Too Stiff Voyagin Kakkorophyte 1 1113
Possible Store Issue MC odae MC odae 0 969
Problems with Installing League of Legends moonot moonot 0 976
New User Quiz MadmanWithBox MadmanWithBox 0 954
X-mas gifts Robsution Robsution 0 933
mobile chat client "mobile color" TheRaginBohna TheRaginBohna 0 997
"Surprise window" is annoying MephyRunsAllDay MephyRunsAllDay 0 924
@Riot, a petition regarding Runes Coldmanj Dream of Glory 1 1182
Question about removing new game modes Seaatar Dominate420 3 988
I don't like the purple side. aggron Interracial gang 3 1192
Hey Lumnia? Do you know a Lumnia? FangedMenace FangedMenace 0 961
A way for riot to stop trolls theothernoobie theothernoobie 0 1039
I'm new & Australian JmsJxn RainyDesu 1 1056
PvP.net constant Disconnection ItsTrickz ItsTrickz 0 988
Suggestion Joesycop Joesycop 0 1003
LoLLauncher.exe -Application Error please help me Ferdyan Deviluke Ferdyan Deviluke 0 1259