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Mystery Skin Gift????? EnormousWalrus SkillsLessGuy 3
Riot Post
Summoner spell cooldowns MechaKitten pacifistRenegade 2 1614
Mystery Gifting TehSadPandah Je31337 3
Riot Post
Team Builder Queue Times -- A Potential Solution Lizdeath Hirok0 1 939
What if i dodged for a good reason? whowantswaffles Hirok0 3 1096
The Match Making System for Ranked Needs a Fix JustThatClutch Hirok0 1 873
Trading please TheMadMan Hirok0 1 801
placement matches and win/loss equalizer Rorshack Rorshack 1 796
View Past Game Stats?  ( 1 2 3 ) sweatersDC Annnie 24
Riot Post
Why is smurfing in low elo legal masterfall Phobia00 3 3143
[Suggestion] Wish List for the store DesertShaman TLD Osiris 7 11540
Fantasy League Info is Where? Voracious Truth Voracious Truth 0 729
Riot Support (Thank you for calling) Sly Effective Sly Effective 0 770
The big post of Questions Hirok0 Hirok0 0 789
Suggestion : Possibility to move mastery pages! Ater Angeli Hirok0 1 904
Why the game have to quit when we afk iluvalar Hirok0 3 1719
Client crash IIxeenoxII VersatileMind 2 840
(5/19/2014 - 20:00 EST) "Attempting to Reconnect" urDaddie urDaddie 0 815
****ing fix your ranked systems SykeTrickz666 SykeTrickz666 0 834
Being able to ban players outside the game? FriskeCrisps FriskeCrisps 0 832
So what happened to champion art spotlight or fan art vids? Kangst3r Kangst3r 0 771
Does this happen to anyone else? PickleBabah PickleBabah 0 735
4..7 game crashing in loading screen?! I Never Feed I Never Feed 0 761
You should make a D3D or rendered version of the lolclient.exe: we're in 2014 TacticCarrotCake Wolfhound353 1 1246
(suggestion) Keep the chat room open Ozone77 Ozone77 0 769
Being able to switch champ in team builder. Yochewy Yochewy 0 779
(suggestion) Dragonslayer Pantheon Animations Yochewy Yochewy 0 771
Champion Select Suggestion overneath23 overneath23 0 812
Patcher no good since last patch! Myq Myq 1 1625
Chat Bans Without Reports GamingWithGibby MaeBones 1 904
Afkers In Ranked Dagartru Dagartru 0 775
Warn me when I click a link Kilois Kilois 0 806
Disconnecting Ox Her0 Ox Her0 0 872
[Suggestions] Personal champion stats&LP gain/loss adjusting Phobia00 Phobia00 0 937
Accidently Purchased Rune Page PieceOfMooseChow PieceOfMooseChow 1 879
[Suggestion] New Damage Prevented End-of-Game Stat Sternbery Sternbery 0 811
Loss Prevented - What do you do? FreddyThePinguin shadower111 1 917
Major Issues KaterinaVangelis KaterinaVangelis 0 868
The New Lolking NinjazDestroyer NinjazDestroyer 0 835
Lets Make Item Sets Stop Reseting After Each Patch! Medievalbob Medievalbob 0 823
i want to start a fantasy league or join one gingerslayer177 gingerslayer177 0 821
What does it mean Gladius Prime Gladius Prime 0 790
Selling runes Eggtart Prince85 TacticCarrotCake 2 1154
Dear riot! WhiteBoy47 WhiteBoy47 0 815
@Riot about pre champ select wait time Papy Mougeot Papy Mougeot 0 814
Its always crashing xXDeathSword21Xx Taco Turncoat 6 2144
help with autolock UberAffe RandomTShirt 2 1084
Massive Server Drops Gladius Prime Gladius Prime 0 891
Lets boycott this ****y game!!! Le elf Hiddenmaniak 9 1761