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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Leaving Queue HarBringerz HarBringerz 0 341
Most played champions Huudi Huudi 0 867
[suggestion] Store bundles We Are Ty Durden vmp2121 1 297
[Feature Request] Adding Backup and Restore Buttons to Mastery page Xianoth Xianoth 0 424
Why is it still possible to buy more than 9 runes? Samwisegee jireo 7 872
Easy to read mastery slots Peon11 Elendog 2 269
[Suggestion] Team Emblem and Information Elendog Elendog 0 250
Problems with the launcher wanktank wanktank 0 268
[Suggestion] Add More Maps please. Gadd Mâximus 6 436
Queue Dodging LoveMehDo LoveMehDo 0 189
[Request] PvP.net Chat System TGDM TGDM 0 154
Hi, I like this game, but am so annoyed fupasniper fupasniper 0 182
More PVP.net options Sendrith Sendrith 0 173
[Feature Request] Timestamps in all chats Prodigion Prodigion 0 372
This is Ridiculous STEVEBUTABl STEVEBUTABl 0 197
Suggestion regarding arranged team's in profiles Faelara Faelara 0 286
[Suggestion] Custom Game Search Filter dragonbretheren Boyvu22 3 866
Small typo on the site LunarRai LunarRai 0 176
New tool suggestion, IP transfers mickle101 Carados 4 1218
Just short for a skin on sale Ben is BLS Itz Kam 1 262
Log In Error Itz Kam Itz Kam 0 232
Champion Spotlight link in profile Seigmoraig Seigmoraig 0 308
[Suggestion] "Prestige Mode" SmokeMyKron Babadiboopy 6 340
Cant log in Powell69 Powell69 0 262
Idea Kragenov Kragenov 0 214
live stream background image is wrong Calebron Calebron 0 496
Introducing a Champion Logistics tab iniquity 11 iniquity 11 0 266
Idea: afk players taken over by AI Ethancm Halcione 1 248
AFK Champion selection UnitedAmerika UnitedAmerika 0 263
More Mastery pages C4 BOMB D3lka 5 947
Easier way to ignore, Surprised this hasn't been done yet. Cidib Cidib 0 344
Game will not open Robba395 Robba395 3 509
Improve how you buy runes Izera Izera 0 267
What about an option to report a player for being good? Løkï Løkï 0 288
Friday 1.20/2012 everyone in my game started lagging hard Drae21 MrSpaz 1 256
[Suggestion] Friends list update Airecair Klaue 2 624
Friends list groups -> Invite groups RealWolf M RealWolf M 0 800
Why is there no report function in champion select again? Carados RoflcoptorPilot 1 265
More Rune Pages Zinnoxis Vynar 3 2227
[SUGGESTION] Stat Details - Game Length Rizkybuziness Rizkybuziness 0 480
Stats Starshards Starshards 0 333
Champion trading Kerloff Asmadi Kerloff Asmadi 0 265
Moderated chat channels VooDooZecora Ithod 1 569
Question About Automatic Ranked Team Disbands TheCowness TheCowness 0 280
Rune Combiner gives dodge runes. Carados Lashrack 2 273
PVP.net Addons RoflcoptorPilot RoflcoptorPilot 0 1157
I don't know what to do [Help?] BroMehGod BroMehGod 0 255
[Suggestion] Match time on match history Desastrado Desastrado 0 254
Normal Draft ƒade ƒade 0 260
Unfair for teams facing TSM. maLishus MrSpaz 1 433