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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
feeders and afk kinata1 Sly Effective 2 1394
Videos, Tribunal, and Forums in Client Sly Effective Sly Effective 0 755
Training Mission: Nocturne's Night Sly Effective Sly Effective 0 781
Training Mission: The gauntlet Sly Effective Sly Effective 0 710
Is PVP.net doing small maintenance? FerretSummoner FerretSummoner 0 749
Friends List and Ignoring Grimwarr Grimwarr 0 746
Features Needed From Postgame Screen MSTR Titan MSTR Titan 0 674
Achievements, the pros and cons CarbonWyre Ryansox 7
Riot Post
Achievements Season 5 Ryansox Ryansox 0 765
team builder: character change? Krysosphalte The Lexer 1 926
LFG, Public Chat, Noob, and Strategy chat EXC Xerxes The Lexer 1 1528
Loseing points when some one leaves game TheJackanator The Lexer 1 804
transferring between accounts xWolf Fiend xWolf Fiend 0 697
Linking together with Twitch. FLG Freak FLG Freak 0 658
Norton is a ***** :Cant connect to chat SnickleTitz SnickleTitz 0 655
Can't stay connected to pvp.net Hand Grenade Hand Grenade 0 722
Increasing the level cap (2 ideas) and runes. Booty Biscuits Booty Biscuits 0 688
A community lost... Gym Leader Will Davepowa 1 1008
Summoner Pictures NightRaptor1ST NightRaptor1ST 1 672
Servers NightRaptor1ST NightRaptor1ST 0 647
Just got into Plat 5 and I want to start streaming. Erekshen Erekshen 0 678
ranked team 3s/5s are designed so terribly.. Dokmazing Dokmazing 0 668
Feedback: US/EU Integration Arrataz LouJay 1 1772
LoL Game Client PVP.NET Client window size resolution Mr Masamune Mr Masamune 0 836
there needs to be some serious changes Cae Cae 0 722
chatting in-game doesn't carry over to out-of-game rada3 rada3 0 731
Rito pls... Have Client update timers when it lags in champion select... x Tunns x x Tunns x 0 731
Getting banned for an unjust reason TheBloodyEnd TheBloodyEnd 0 761
Riot plz TrojanArmor TrojanArmor 0 723
Please update the website database! ShadowCleave212 ShadowCleave212 0 757
PVP.net Client just says "Game is still in progress" PhreakKiller1 PhreakKiller1 0 826
Patcher Kernal Not Working Since Installation Intelton Intelton 0 789
Suggestion- Favorite Champions Amazingg Horsee Amazingg Horsee 0 783
Riot, I need help.. :( yohiyo1400 yohiyo1400 0 775
Rewards for ranking up in Divisions beneficial? LeBraum R James LeBraum R James 0 838
We NEED to Be Able to Report Someone in Champ Select The Lexer cjtoupy 1 933
[Suggestion] Appear Offline  ( 1 2 3 ... 28 ) FFDeek BoomyGhostGT 278
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a way to cut down wait times in team builder Jasper Foust Jasper Foust 2 896
Betting in League of Legends Call Me Jesus Call Me Jesus 0 781
How to improve League of Legends experience Somitten Somitten 0 867
Report for Forums? diablo skull diablo skull 0 788
Steal Legion Garen Price peahead1 peahead1 0 801
Drag and Drop Masteries to rearrange Zoltech Zoltech 0 847
Simple improvement to champion selection Surprise Fatty Surprise Fatty 6 1885
Teambuilder option to select role, but not champ? OllyTheBug OllyTheBug 0 850
Major player drop Gladius Prime Owenmonster 1 850
Player skill ratings imabigLoLnoob imabigLoLnoob 0 981
Random lag spikes every few seconds Akametal Omnicron0 9 11990
Add a way to discern between a queue dodge and a server crash Cyrenic Cyrenic 0 977
Linux client Teh March Hare LeagueCoin 1 1105