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chatting in-game doesn't carry over to out-of-game rada3 by rada3 0 732
Rito pls... Have Client update timers when it lags in champion select... x Tunns x by x Tunns x 0 732
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Riot, I need help.. :( yohiyo1400 by yohiyo1400 0 776
Rewards for ranking up in Divisions beneficial? LeBraum R James by LeBraum R James 0 838
We NEED to Be Able to Report Someone in Champ Select The Lexer by cjtoupy 1 934
[Suggestion] Appear Offline   ( 1 2 3 ... 28) FFDeek by BoomyGhostGT 278 Riot Post 114,024
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Major player drop Gladius Prime by Owenmonster 1 851
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Random lag spikes every few seconds Akametal by Omnicron0 9 12,013
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Linux client Teh March Hare by LeagueCoin 1 1,106