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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Team builder should give more IP Lynn1077 Lynn1077 0 631
When I mute someone, I don't want to see what they write in post-game chat. Morzas Morzas 0 605
Giving up my name for a name change "HAARP" HAARP HAARP 0 594
double ip weekends! The Bonus Gold Jöe 2 792
[Suggestion] Friend Request Block Button John Skye John Skye 0 641
New Honor/Report/Friend icons Hiryuu16 John Skye 1 755
[Suggestion] Ideas to Improve New Match History supremewiteninja Drunken PwNeR 2 1269
Lower team builder's required rank(level) Lysejack Lysejack 0 562
Pregame Character Selection Feature Suggestion melee bros Lysejack 2 1513
Ranked Locker Room Stormlord15 Stormlord15 0 571
Chat restriction reasoning (Or at least notification) TDChangeling TDChangeling 0 642
cant connect to server mykael the fart mykael the fart 0 611
Champion Filter Feature Suggestion Sum Volk 3 1254
Is anyone with legit good internet speed STILL getting lag spikes and high ping? zProtoman SpecOpsDeath 2 1119
Suggestion Match History SuperDollar Ethilyk 2 606
Riot: Instead of the current post-game screen, can we get something like in the link? CleverStoic CleverStoic 0 543
my league is weird TECHNOIZZ TECHNOIZZ 0 524
[Suggestion] Lp on match history? Edywang Edywang 0 597
~[Suggestion}~ Client plays sound when finished patching Shadowfigure51 Shadowfigure51 0 533
Epic ping NA server Deadaclysm Deadaclysm 2 757
Anybody? A Big Fat Pony A Big Fat Pony 0 544
Server lags senorbushy MR SQU1GGLES 1 569
View Owned Skin Lists xJHUBx xJHUBx 0 550
New Match History Umbra Insectum Umbra Insectum 0 503
Refer a Friend @ lv 30? AfflictedWarrior bloodclad 1 640
[Suggestion] How to fix AFK'ers. Captain Greyfox Looneyl20l 3 1038
Tomato Academy InvincibleWarrio Weizinsalamander 5 910
Updating the Client/Decreasing Loadscreen Yankee Yankee 1 1507
Lag spikes! Holy ****! fire uptown fire uptown 0 604
Suggestion: "invisible status" to friends MyKlix Iecerint 9 7562
team builder improvement? VC Erik The Red VC Erik The Red 0 591
New Match History Kiarru xTExSilent 1 659
Please let us see old match history in the Client Mages Mages 0 610
I am not Diamond But my stream is worth as much! Big Bang Death Big Bang Death 0 570
Ranked getting annoying!!! Riot fix this!!!! jabbawakki zProtoman 1 610
Bug on Warwick? ShawHsing zProtoman 1 679
launcher ideas Bird Jaguar Bird Jaguar 0 506
A question about Server Location IMsmoz IMsmoz 0 539
[Suggestion] Add an "Are You Sure" Button When You Close Client Eclipsed Aurora Eclipsed Aurora 0 558
Game Just Crashed While Playing Ranked ThisOppa ThisOppa 0 595
Elo Boosting site Luan Nao Killer Heap 4 1992
My client keeps crashing My Team Sucks idk haha 4 11685
Afk/dc doger131 doger131 0 600
Lolclient.exe Crash during champ select. mcpw xReaperFMoWx 3 588
[Suggestion] Please Make New Aram Rules Aleve Aleve 0 571
For the match history SexyFiddler SexyFiddler 0 537
New match history suggestions (please help this, it's killing me) Everything is K KingAlatreon 5 2375
[Suggestion] Match History AquaSushiX3 AquaSushiX3 0 619
The player highlight in the match breakdown is difficult to see. Korusho Korusho 0 616
Excess IP Problem W/ Solution YellowChocoPugna Starshard 8 1078