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What do you think of a /vote dodge? JRog13 Kent Broomburg 8 678
League's ranked system: Not the fairest Feing Zer0blizzard 1 902
Plz stop duo que JKDeathorGloryJK Unbidden Guest 1 291
A suggestion for solo que imtheone Malzyhurr 2 278
Accounts being hacked BoxenOfKittens BoxenOfKittens 0 272
Please forgive my division match if someone on my team disconnects Regs4u JKDeathorGloryJK 1 303
Is it suppose to be this difficult to get promoted to a new league? omgitskae JKDeathorGloryJK 1 268
Hey riot fix your matchmaking kthnksbai Muroku Muroku 0 268
Filter: Owned Champion Skins and View retired Splash Art. RazorLeaf420 RazorLeaf420 0 436
Ranked is Broken JKDeathorGloryJK JKDeathorGloryJK 4 386
4 LP for a Win....? Mage Lord Nelber Mage Lord Nelber 0 227
Server transfer JCEE JCEE 0 254
Post-Game Stat Suggestion Unbidden Guest Unbidden Guest 0 253
Disconnecting during Champ select MutaLingz gunblade72 1 418
Ping display prefecto prefecto 0 263
Champion Shop Filters Xtwigg19X ChiefYin 1 280
Suggestion for lobby Euie Goat ChiefYin 1 226
DO SOMETHING ABOUT AFKs Dane Belthound ChiefYin 1 273
Que Dodging, an in-depth look. And a shot at a fix.  ( 1 2 3 ) NauFirefox Irrelephanté 20 1722
Ranked system question Murduluk ChiefYin 1 220
Just a Suggestion FluffyCacti ChiefYin 2 256
Champion Organization! SavageLoL ChiefYin 3 315
[Suggestion] Seriously, autolockers. Likal ChiefYin 1 260
Spectator Mode ChiefYin ChiefYin 0 201
Forum fixes Havoc Himself Havoc Himself 0 291
VOTE KICK IN SELECT (Suggestion) Miss Indica Irrelephanté 1 356
Suggestion: New mode (OMG) PokyBanana Irrelephanté 2 325
Riot fix gifting center!!! Harrislad02 Harrislad02 0 540
Suggestion about bans RDMarkee RDMarkee 0 238
Going back to home screen when match declined suicidal ghost suicidal ghost 0 238
US and EU server access for mac? k2snowboard1996 Syhd 1 488
Promotion games always gets teamed with the worst people...why??? Deepthruster Deepthruster 0 209
Ideas to discuss. Dont read/agree if you like 4v5s, feeders, and smurfs Valemorah Valemorah 1 249
[Suggestion] Ability to To Stop People from Adding you to their Buddy List Wasabi FluffyCacti 2 521
Matchmaking Torjid Torjid 3 536
Why should I be punished because someone else left Saintvicious NA Darkcharger 5 586
Role Call for Solo Queue Cavo Cavo 2 255
RE: The new "League" System Drakthion Drakthion 2 446
(Gifting Friends) How Long is Long Enough? amefurashi kittensonfyre 3 4455
Constant crashes of the client after previous patch Uuni Uuni 0 193
Ranked elo, first ten games.  ( 1 2 ) BeatHobbes lFalse Kingl 16
Riot Post
game suggestions spitterkat spitterkat 0 198
[Suggestion] Match history: Stat detail - game length sssaint sssaint 0 197
[suggestion] votekick players/troll on champ select Biggiee hayzeus666 3 236
please no ban me cholowiz13 cholowiz13 0 168
Matchmaking Problems Gigglehugz Gigglehugz 0 167
Lock In Concept Wendigo45 Calatia 1 194
If a champ win rate if 50%.. WayDestroyer Nehrak 1 272
Leaver Buster needs to be more Aggessive on Ranked Games Clbgrdnr FuschiaNoise 1 234
+++[Suggestion] Choose the role in queue+++ SulkCrafter Kelnack 6 746