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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
[Log-in Queue Prioritization] for Players with a Game In Progress Subzero Ray JCDaya 1 249
Gold earned in game stat Celinaesta Final Hours 1 507
[VERY HELPFUL] Account Security Idea Final Hours Final Hours 0 181
troll button in champ picking Bloodydeckjr LeoVonNewton 1 324
A way to report outside post-game screen Xel Meshif LeoVonNewton 3 422
Riot Fix pick/chose role selection LizZzaRd LeoVonNewton 2 261
How to fix pick order in ranked thank me later HowToDunk OutlawStarx2 6 403
(Suggestion) Buying new Characters IrJesse IrJesse 0 248
[SUGGESTION] Australian Server Xpersha Xpersha 0 276
Dodge Ratio during Aram Team Select Axon the Great Axon the Great 0 500
An idea to remove trolls from the ranked ques. TheShadeGamer TheShadeGamer 0 256
Stupid Bug error report!!!! HowUlikeEmApples HowUlikeEmApples 0 287
Ranked System Fail? nfinitii Celinaesta 5 1008
New que system Celinaesta Celinaesta 0 264
Better match history page Pyrolistical Pyrolistical 0 493
why havn't Riot done this Sven the horible icestealth 2 3 431
Suggestion: Ranked Teams pick order Radish Devious Rogue 2 635
Honor FAQ  ( 1 2 ) Beaumains AWanderingFlame 10
Riot Post
Ranked Teams Pick Order EagleXC13 Truckerchu 1 1010
Lobby Return x3ph x3ph 0 314
** Invalid Map Devious Rogue Devious Rogue 0 294
Friends list status needs updating!  ( 1 2 3 ... 6 ) naotasan naotasan 52 7406
[Suggestion] Toggle if you want to auto-join Arranged Team Chat on log in Link Zeppeloyd Link Zeppeloyd 0 442
Queue System mastercheefpwnzu mastercheefpwnzu 0 581
Thank you riot Quizzor Quizzor 0 278
Personal pre-selected champions list idea. SaintDovah SaintDovah 2 575
Tribunal Additions kidA2011 kidA2011 0 240
ai play in pvp game VICKLIUS Arcticfury 1 334
[Client][Major]Adobe Air crashing TheXthDoctor TheXthDoctor 0 245
Damage to Turrents, Added Maru th Undrtkr Mynx The Origin 2 352
Ambushed by sales makes me gun shy c0wb0ys7y13 Mynx The Origin 6 772
Improving Meta game SneakyAzShiite SneakyAzShiite 0 293
[Suggestion] IP gifting Mynx The Origin Mynx The Origin 2 448
Friends list thekler thekler 0 275
New Suggestion to improve player experience/enjoyment. TempestO7 Mynx The Origin 2 272
[Suggestion]Skin trading hear me out UFO Smurf UFO Smurf 0 330
Lower the level requirments for ranked stonerdude2012 Sven the horible 3 413
Leavers in ranked games Yourselfpwns Yourselfpwns 0 291
divide ranked play further SnowSquatch SnowSquatch 0 198
crash after nearly every dam game ZephWilkerson ZephWilkerson 3 245
This patcher...just won't stop patching. xxitzmaeh xxitzmaeh 0 417
Add mini-games to the client. CTHDRL CTHDRL 0 329
Account emails flaw Crazy Zoo Keeper Crazy Zoo Keeper 0 217
Critical Observation about Advance Search vs. Regular Search n30sh4d0w n30sh4d0w 0 246
Riot Points Simplification Master Brawler DJ Koopa 4 1736
Ranked is Broken TheShadeGamer TheShadeGamer 0 167
[Suggestion]Selecting roles Aurega Malzyhurr 6 397
Creating Personal Notes For Your Own Champion ZhageZ ZhageZ 0 212
Pre-game Troll/Griefer Kick gameboy0895 0rac343 4 807
Looking to play status Deadeye Deadeye 0 169