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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Gold recognition on forums drownd Arcticfury 1 389
Forum profile suggestions Sheriff Earp Sheriff Earp 0 254
Ranked Stats Nexttoradio UlrichVonSIgwin 1 688
Suggestions for ranked teams SquishyBun SquishyBun 0 381
Organizable Champion Lists Cryie ├čkthedk 1 280
Ideas for a better client. wolf226 wolf226 0 366
Client issues with game joining AgKnight47 AgKnight47 0 381
PVP.net on my Mac FingeredDander FingeredDander 0 279
[Forums][Major]Image linking Lavantant Lavantant 0 246
Server Options Suggestion Sovelis Liadon Sovelis Liadon 2 280
MATCH FOUND modification TransPhaesic Junambo 3 429
Suggestions for the chatting system Ice Eggy Ice Eggy 0 318
Going back to the shop's previous location Orbital Nuke Orbital Nuke 0 235
Riot Please read. Language issues and Service disconnetions Aria Kana Aria Kana 0 274
[Backend Proc Maintenance][Minor] Leaky Process Handlers Mnemonic Mnemonic 0 566
League Of Legend is just being garbage right now Arya Keys Aria Kana 1 283
Troll Ribbon? neg9 Sickskillz25 8 561
Pardon for certain losses Sickskillz25 Sickskillz25 0 314
When I attempt to view a profile Pker5256 Pker5256 0 205
Selective Smart Casting Brownkid09 TransPhaesic 2 570
MMR: Why it's a dumb idea SixtyFour Pumaster 2 519
FIX your matchmaking Dane Belthound Pumaster 1 305
About refunds... Aimto Macintosh3D 2 285
Vote removal in champ select Britzius Rakhlikh 1 234
Ranked system Macintosh3D Macintosh3D 0 207
A "Simple" League Interface Option InfinAce InfinAce 1 401
Can someone tell me why i'm with bronze people when in silver King Lmn Pancake Britzius 1 183
Rank system gum101 King Lmn Pancake 3 587
HEY GUYS this awesome stream :D disruptivepie disruptivepie 0 179
[Suggestion] Viewable Toxicity/Sportsmanship Rating pjesguapo pjesguapo 0 208
Pick your position BEFORE you hit the draft screen! N7 Zero N7 Zero 4 389
Suggestion: Remove spaces at the beginning of custom game names Adilor Adilor 0 165
Eliminate the calling in draft? Caranore Caranore 0 179
Login Music option Pierce7d Pierce7d 0 174
@Riot Suggestion for a better ranked queue system DaHyperMidget DaHyperMidget 0 314
[IDEA] Champion Select Report/Kick Unknown Henchman TheWarWolf 7 489
Show game types for spectating ClockOutImUP ClockOutImUP 0 185
Log Off Feature: Changing Server Realms. Arxon Tecseiyru 1 4597
Plz vote in my poll Macintosh3D Macintosh3D 0 135
League Points are Bull****!!! Judoas Dr Winters 1 166
Add changes to "Line Missile Display" and "Smartcast Range Indicators" please~ amiskka amiskka 0 449
Champion Win Percentages in S3?? TooSoonExecutus TooSoonExecutus 0 288
[Suggestion] iiFLuX iiFLuX 0 136
League Points hockeyxlegend13 Judoas 5 491
Ranked System Rework Celinaesta PaRaDoXaL 1 6 391
Bronze I 5s team matched against unseeded 5s team with Diamond/Platinum solo players? warmdead warmdead 0 384
A suggestion: I wasnt sure where to post it MCSanctuary MCSanctuary 0 150
Does ignoring a friend unfriends them? YoshiXD808 AdderTude 1 713
Penalty for dodging?  ( 1 2 ) SpitN AdderTude 18 758
Dodge timer AdderTude AdderTude 0 138