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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Skin suggestion Brisco County Brisco County 0 465
Consistent Lag Spike DavidskyAnnArbor Halljama 3 1426
Disconnected Dreemstate Dreemstate 0 470
Riot Please do this... My Name is ImNoDoctor 1 474
Save Replay BlizardSpree BlizardSpree 0 480
aww Miror mode on team builder? Fort Castle1rst Fort Castle1rst 1 505
Offline/Online Status on PROFILE GaiaRebellion GaiaRebellion 0 558
Trouble with Yasuo ult ripjet11 Seth the Bum 1 640
MMS Needs a new algorithm (#of total games + WRatio) Barron Z Barron Z 0 522
AFKS, Possible fix ThaRealDirtyDan ThaRealDirtyDan 0 530
Laggers and Afkers DecessusEtMorior DecessusEtMorior 0 512
Riot you need to consider improving your ranked rule page. Reapuer Reapuer 0 484
Item sets not working DaNitroMunsta DaNitroMunsta 0 541
NAE server anytime soon?? ophega Saanix 3 2118
Selling Account AyeLeBum Saanix 1 1040
250 ms in normal and ranked games but regular ms in customs Yello Gentleman Yello Gentleman 2 623
champion select Gimmemynoseback Zha0yun 1 793
Rank game champ select Zha0yun Zha0yun 0 547
Help Button shadow32777 shadow32777 0 551
Lag Spikes Rinnith King Dufarius 1 1047
this lag is getting out of hand leeflang King Dufarius 2 1122
Endgame statistics for support Cyan0genmod Drogeist 1 1082
Suggest new stat Sidous15 Drogeist 3 1114
Loading into game issue. Dracoat Dracoat 0 637
Report player outside of end game results BalmungTaichou BalmungTaichou 0 666
Make this annoying button go away Xelnath pussyXxXfucker 2 993
Skin Refund BlueBolt64 BlueBolt64 0 705
Server connections FresherBubbles FresherBubbles 0 717
Issue With Solo Queue (especially within Team Builder) JallyHue JallyHue 0 712
Riot, please make league more social Joelriane Joelriane 0 713
Matchmaking Exploiters Fort Castle1rst Fort Castle1rst 0 720
Disconnect during game and more Noble Two Noble Two 0 721
New Way To give information To People (clarity section) Fort Castle1rst Fort Castle1rst 0 712
Am I doing Master Yi Wrong? GeneralMarv SuruStorm 1 737
Unable to connect to server 1,2,3 nexenia nexenia 0 770
easy champion selections. LyyonHeart LyyonHeart 0 742
Ranked lobby disconnection whohoho02 Reum 1 752
Frustration with Managing Team Invites CuntRubber Jimster Status 1 1056
Ranked and AFKs Tony DiNardo XDM9 3 911
computer requirmtns colossusdragon colossusdragon 1 731
WinMTR Upload 8/6/14 Service Status-Lag DaveGman DaveGman 0 761
Lag in Game Drkaos141 Drkaos141 0 726
Teemo, Fizz, or Nidalee? TheSil3ntShadow TheSil3ntShadow 1 727
Server Lag gnugnu2003 gnugnu2003 1 804
spitballing. Sex E Teemo Sex E Teemo 1 702
Saying i was in a game when i clearly wasn't? Apollo light god Apollo light god 0 669
1 Free Promo Series Dodge llBUCKNASTYll llBUCKNASTYll 0 690
Feature Request!! Oberic Oberic 0 630
RIOT GET YOUR **** TOGETHER (dont get me wrong I love this game but please fix) Zopaw gamerstak25 1 672
Match History Suggestion Fightback Fightback 0 643