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Sticky Thread Welcome to the Audio Feedback forum  ( 1 2 3 ... 6 ) Praeco xparkurx 51
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The Voice Actors of LoL! UltimaGalaxy Claviature 1 1097
Questions for the Audio People at Riot Shattered Clock sakakyu 4
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Explosive Flash Sound Effect Appreciation Thread azbot xXAmpzXx 3
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Kassadin Voice/Joke Zumbi777 Zumbi777 0 1133
What does Karma say... Coldmanj Coldmanj 2 1618
Orianna's Ult Sound Schtiffles Orianna Reveck 5
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Traditional Nasus VO Trading Aces blindworld 4 1539
I'm AudioDeaf... Darklightning Darklightning 0 1114
Finally, somewhere to mention this.. For Nami! Chun Li Chun Li 8
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Ashe's Voice  ( 1 2 3 ) Draviex Draviex 25
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Champion Voice Actors Bejango Bejango 2 1702
Champion Select Audio Mjolnir802 Starlighte 1 1365
Let's Talk About Voice-Over Updates Starlighte Starlighte 0 1249
Battlecast Vel'Koz Voice Processing - Perhaps a bit too much? Kaiki Trading Aces 1 1266
Wouldn't It Be Cool If Steve Blum Were To Do The VO For A Future Pantheon VU immortalibra immortalibra 2
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Several Ideas of Mine IceBear1215 IceBear1215 4
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Nice forum!! XxJohnnyOxX Riot Eno 1
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Ooh, Cool! Nox Aeternam Riot Eno 2
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OH! well then! sakakyu Riot Eno 1
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champion select music in dominion Kumii Kumii 0 1157
Heartseeker Ashe "W" GlavTech GlavTech 0 1195