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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
spectator mode bdbdbdbdbdbdbdb bdbdbdbdbdbdbdb 0 920
Colorblind feedback: "Red Sword" attack icon near impossible to see. Nardypoo Nardypoo 0 1325
Can't see Muramana on Dominion MindProbe MindProbe 0 1080
How to turn off descriptive text... Nagasis Nagasis 2 1151
Language Filter/game creation THORP00L THORP00L 0 892
Confusion of green wards and sightstones wards evilbryan590 XxPoN3DxX 4 1405
Please fix my Y key? yobweja OmenVI 4 1627
Pre-set build for recommended items. Im Soda PracticalPotato 2 1828
End Game Stat Suggestion - Wards quick1brahim Fizz ln My Mouth 1 1243
*Spell* Penetration? systoll Fizz ln My Mouth 1 973
Get rid of recommended, allow custom build charts Fizz ln My Mouth Fizz ln My Mouth 0 1038
Riot this would be nice migty1joe Fizz ln My Mouth 2 1359
Oracle and Jungle buff indicators in Spectator Mode imhuge Fizz ln My Mouth 6 2109
Sort of bug I guess? Blade of the Ruined King IcanPwnU Fizz ln My Mouth 3 1348
Numerical Values > Slider Bar Lilja Lilja 0 754
Gd help!!!! The Fatalii The Fatalii 1 656
End Game Statistic: Damage Shielded SnowSeven systoll 4 1105
New Item Shop not that good..... FriendlyRaid Qsario 1 679
Did they change the store screen again for the all items section. HT SilverSkull HT SilverSkull 0 614
Transparent Champion Health Bars Iriog Iriog 0 731
Video settings that will help raise FPS zimmy375 zimmy375 0 601
AI time remaining displayed in options datboiii datboiii 0 613
Location of the Movespeed Stat greedisepic Sh11ft 1 929
Not IP to RP, but how about RP to IP? Azogrugalaan Azogrugalaan 4 905
Constructive Criticism about new UI/shop  ( 1 2 3 ... 7 ) LadyAzalea lactosefree1 60
Riot Post
Damage text decay rate (I need help!) ImAKitteh AVIatomic 1 1236
Recommended Items Modification Idea Flanree Flanree 2 742
Options Menu YeZombie YeZombie 6 2949
annoying skill box ElectricOhm evilbryan590 1 892
Shop improvement suggestion Novagrol Novagrol 0 629
I think we need a report during champ selection. HaodoUdo HaodoUdo 0 629
What about summoner icons with the icon of your favorite champion BioGitanus Kaemdar 1 942
Request: Make items that apply on hit effects a searchable category in the shop Nightmanflock CuriƓsity 1 840
Different colour health bar for the user's champion GzMk GzMk 0 1032
IP to RP Converter Bl00dZIp Lait1 4 1519
Cut Minion Health Bars into Seperate Bars like Champions The Wiseman51 Lait1 2 1442
typing while shopping Lait1 Lait1 0 554
Suggestions for in-game Calls Shasko Shasko 0 599
[Suggestion] Status Pinging Shortcuts ovilicious ovilicious 0 758
Health Point Bars Discpled Discpled 0 609
Pickpocket Cooldown Timer Ragingwolfz Ragingwolfz 0 840
Nidalee: Alternative skill icon for ultimate if in cougar form. Basnap Basnap 2 1530
Red/Blue/Baron buffs are much less visible now BelligerentGnu ElitePbear 3 1131
[Suggestion] Toggleable Ping notifications on location Vulking Vulking 0 731
In Game Hud and Item Shop xXInkyXx xXInkyXx 0 733
The new level up boxes feel unresponsive again Crunchdoggie Rockwhisperer13 1 841
[suggestions] A few suggestions about the hud (hp bar, hud quality, chat whispering) nosthertus nosthertus 0 935
Show Gold per 5 on character resume Pyrander Pyrander 0 818
Red/Blue in the champion portraits Barumung Sano Murauder 2 1437
6300-->4800 IP champs problem Scrandino Eliasin 2 1011