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Shop interface is not good ser0 by Zerothz 5 420
I just upgraded my graphics card... AlphaGaming by AlphaGaming 0 420
i have a suggestion to protect ranked player especially the lower ranked player lkkosman by Noogle Gexus 1 420
Left Click Not Work Ashuras by Ashuras 0 420
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Change UI of team champs, to something like the one in Spectator mode. Yukio X by Yukio X 0 420
[SUGGESTION] Faded Champion icons at last known location on minimap Fazdogg by Fazdogg 0 420
Orthagraphic or perspective? Baxter900 by ShadeOfBlack1 1 420
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Build pages for the in-game store. Charming Ahri by Charming Ahri 0 420
Pre thread - Top 10 most annoying things about playing LoL. Master Quindo by Daniellynet 1 420
That newish Skillshot Bar thingy... Alpha Q23 by Xope 2 420
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Suggestion about MAP ping Yestone by calicfer 1 419
Empty space near the character portrait with flipped minimap Inskipp by Inskipp 0 419
Since you changed self HUD texts, how about also change the target HUD? Kronicler by Kronicler 0 419
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Awesome Interface Suggestion that will blow your freaking mind . MIND FREAK Mochie by Acorn22 1 419
Mastery Pages Suggestion climinator by climinator 0 419
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Pinging Limits. MasterofSFL by Lumin 9 418
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Simple idea to rework in game shop (pictures) migty1joe by migty1joe 0 418
Bug on ranked system Hmf666 by SpiritOfSky 1 418
Right Click to Add a Timer MulberryWine by Shadowmender 2 418
[suggestion] Give ping a visible marker Enai Siaion by Aralox 2 418
[Suggestion] Avenged Kill Bonus, shared Ryuuchi by Zhupons 2 418
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Maximum Size of Mini-map Reduced Mindy Nam by Deathstickstrike 1 417
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[Suggestion] Win of the Day counter Badmourning by element114 4 417
"Offensive" Rune Page Name Error Jord Tron 5000 by Jord Tron 5000 3 417