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"News" Text Box in Ranked Team Menu LandosSon by LandosSon 0 423
Please for the love of all that is Riot, 10 more mastery pages please$ Xetelian by Xetelian 0 422
Hotkey to zoom on pings Kroo by whomaster 1 422
some HUD frames issues kyu0 by kyu0 0 422
click through HUD AtrumDio by QQ China 1 422
REF: We need more Rune & Mastery tabs, Custom Sugested Item Option Sneekyblade by Sneekyblade 0 422
Some uses for surplus gold xDrunkenTigerx by Bagga 4 422
Chat colors for team/all Seption by Raspberyl 1 422
Zoom out please Uji7 by Uji7 0 422
Stop fooling around with skins and implement this Temesis by Autocthon 5 422
New Hud, a few simple suggestions. Sephrinx by Sephrinx 3 422
champion favs list BrAtKo by BrAtKo 0 421
Rammus' Health Bar in Colorblind Mode Bloodseek by Bloodseek 0 421
DrawCenterHudWall=0 naqaden by prencher 1 421
Default HUD to small ThefukingDonut by King Ginger 1 421
Gold per 5 catalyst1c by Zielmann 1 421
Charges: Sightstone & Flask The Star of Hope by The Star of Hope 2 421
When is friend HP going to update properly? DoransTroll by Dzung 3 421
RIOT! stealth fix suggestion Trayis by Trayis 1 421
[Problem] Passive Description Text Hand of Might by InvinceZ 3 421
About spell aiming graphic.. DeathBucket by Sakk 1 421
Suggestion to Filter Troll Games eXeAcidminded by eXeAcidminded 0 420
Ability Durations Draginath by Centrix 1 420
Chat xTachibana by xTachibana 0 420
Feature Request: Ward Ping ChinaManAteMyDog by Jiejl 1 420
Suggestion on ability radius showing toomad by Geddian 1 420
Game Lobby needs a complete setting Aukse by superbob52 1 420
Chat commands? Procylon by gimpyboy 1 420
[Suggestion] Make runes stack in the menu fat cyborg by fat cyborg 9 420
@boourns compilation Panzerfaust by Panzerfaust 0 420
got this problem after the new patch Leilaa by Chlose 1 420
Spell cast responsiveness Pharmacologist by Lima Beans 3 Riot Post 420
[Minor UI Bug] Rune Page Tooltip Kbalz by Kbalz 0 420
Slight delay moving camera in-game Ahrin by Perb 1 420
Presetting item choices Tekishi by Tekishi 0 420
Rune page, Numbers are wrong Enalung by Enalung 0 420
Unique Passives KOL Chuckie by KOL Chuckie 0 420
Recommanded Item Improvement Mohammed Abdulaz by awkwardbowman 1 420
Display Latency xerav by Khimaera 2 420
Champion Item Location Change BigDowny by BigDowny 2 420
Idea for the shop Jangl3s by The Soulmerchant 1 419
Left Click Not Work Ashuras by Ashuras 0 419
Allow mouse to go outside the game window. AmyOverlord by Tribe 2 419
Change UI of team champs, to something like the one in Spectator mode. Yukio X by Yukio X 0 419
[SUGGESTION] Faded Champion icons at last known location on minimap Fazdogg by Fazdogg 0 419
stuck in chat fix suggestion shroooooomed by shroooooomed 0 419
Optional smaller overhead healthbars Cizjut by Cizjut 0 419
Awesome Interface Suggestion that will blow your freaking mind . MIND FREAK Mochie by Acorn22 1 419
That newish Skillshot Bar thingy... Alpha Q23 by Xope 2 419
[Suggestion] New kind of STORE luospanda by luospanda 0 419