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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Team Builder Problem -- A team captain? Dufuq? Trojan Horse 101 tamashinoerufu 4 579
HUD Suggestion. BondyeLwa scalegreen 6 2616
Locked Camera Players Purple Side Disadvantage  ( 1 2 3 ... 4 ) PvM ChinWoo Ten2One 35 10480
My thoughts on the Team Builder so far Meserion DuskSC2 1 459
Solo Que Suggestion Khloro ShaDoWAsunder 1 1695
things need fixing in game (hud) reaper2493 reaper2493 0 424
@Riot loading screen xXAmpzXx xXAmpzXx 0 488
Fix the chat so that you can scroll up without it resetting when someone talks. Squishy or GTFO Runesage99 6 2665
The new name font size and the health bars literally and universally are disliked x2theone2x SUGGYLOL 4 3084
"Did You Know" really needs more seriousness Ant BLU Medic 2 1435
Windowed mode can't be moved/adjusted Airbag Dan The Enigma 9
Riot Post
Offensive/Defensive indicator to promote team synergy KiddFly GOLDENBOOTY 3 1710
Prevent loss imFOB imFOB 0 527
ranking system/tribunal WreckOnPorpoise WreckOnPorpoise 0 597
LP per game and howling abyss called the ''murder bridge'? King Orb The Blind Karate 1 2473
After Lv30, rendering Exp boost uselss ExliedVolt ExliedVolt 0 703
Tanks role in the new meta xSwagPatrolx xSwagPatrolx 0 1020
/~*Suggestion*~\ Ranked Team Builder Kraft905 Kraft905 0 976
4.3 Patch Mac Client trprbound trprbound 0 1106
Most Damage Dealt in Single Hit for the Post Game Screen Bloodseek Bloodseek 0 1115
Smartcast locking aristalis aristalis 0 1209
Ping Spammers ATwiz DelghettoBlades 3 3363
Suggestion for wards Senomaru Senomaru 0 1306
Spectator Mode All Chat Obstructed HydreigonDraco In2TheRainBubbzz 1 2568
Flawed Ranked system MethNote Wolves 5 4996
Implementing the idea for Vote to Dodge Champion Selection. NoobyLyfe NoobyLyfe 6 3721
Missing the gp10 stat in the character info? UnholyNobunaga UnholyNobunaga 0 1544
Custom default item slot for new items Anoni K Anoni K 0 1604
@Riot The New "Away Status" Interface Aserus Nai Aserus Nai 0 1596
Show Stats at Game Overview Reveri3 Reveri3 0 1585
[Suggestion] Target Prioritizing Meserion Meserion 1 1805
SUGGESTIONS: New Pings, Dealing With Negativity and Lane Calling. Gyrodat FatYee 2 2242
Lock in button Beluga Tortuga Beluga Tortuga 0 1522
Please Add Experience Bars to Champion Portraits in Spectator Mode Mainframe Mainframe 0 1607
Riot doesn't care anymore .. they grown too big? Supranatural lordofkoolaid 1 1775
Dragon, baron and buff timers Tryonic Hyrum Graff 1 2239
Movable mini-map, skills bar etc Monnika Monnika 0 1750
Suggestion: Ping Check before Game Umair Lord Vetinari 2 4218
Team vs Troll EmeralSoul Fargo79 4 3824
Please for the love of christ move the restore defaults button Just Awkward Just Awkward 0 1775
3 things on my wishlist Fuzzywumple Fuzzywumple 0 1893
Area jump positioning aristalis aristalis 0 1893
TEAM DC and not loss prevented YuGinJi lordofkoolaid 1 1980
Would this QOL option be hard to make? Altonia Sohleks 1 2408
My Concept for "Assist Frames" ^ ^ Sohleks Sohleks 0 1892
Please, separate Interface Settings: In-game/Spectator Sohleks Sohleks 1 2563
cursor bug after patch Lord Vocu Lord Vocu 0 1915
Scorecard rework please RaidSlayer RaidSlayer 1 2337
blue team/purple team Tankarmor TwitterPost 4 2069
Max Camera Zoom Roguejitsu Roguejitsu 0 1954