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Shop improvement suggestion Novagrol by Novagrol 0 588
I think we need a report during champ selection. HaodoUdo by HaodoUdo 0 598
What about summoner icons with the icon of your favorite champion BioGitanus by Kaemdar 1 901
Request: Make items that apply on hit effects a searchable category in the shop Nightmanflock by Curi˘sity 1 809
Different colour health bar for the user's champion GzMk by GzMk 0 982
IP to RP Converter Bl00dZIp by Lait1 4 1,471
Cut Minion Health Bars into Seperate Bars like Champions The Wiseman51 by Lait1 2 1,381
typing while shopping Lait1 by Lait1 0 518
Suggestions for in-game Calls Shasko by Shasko 0 559
[Suggestion] Status Pinging Shortcuts ovilicious by ovilicious 0 711
Health Point Bars Discpled by Discpled 0 572
Pickpocket Cooldown Timer Ragingwolfz by Ragingwolfz 0 782
Nidalee: Alternative skill icon for ultimate if in cougar form. Basnap by Basnap 2 1,488
Red/Blue/Baron buffs are much less visible now BelligerentGnu by ElitePbear 3 1,021
[Suggestion] Toggleable Ping notifications on location Vulking by Vulking 0 688
In Game Hud and Item Shop xXInkyXx by xXInkyXx 0 700
The new level up boxes feel unresponsive again Crunchdoggie by Rockwhisperer13 1 811
[suggestions] A few suggestions about the hud (hp bar, hud quality, chat whispering) nosthertus by nosthertus 0 881
Show Gold per 5 on character resume Pyrander by Pyrander 0 792
Red/Blue in the champion portraits Barumung by Sano Murauder 2 1,374
6300-->4800 IP champs problem Scrandino by Eliasin 2 976
A Small Idea For Riot...Very Simple To 8D inyobutt by 8D inyobutt 0 830
Location of player's health bar. EvylMyke by Ebertine 1 1,310
Directed Camera Positioning Hides Baron Life Total Soliduck by Lord Bayliss 1 1,477
Update Team Sidebar?   ( 1 2 3) Thanatos Noa by Kedros 22 Riot Post 4,205
In-game Store Grim?ock by LuvCup 3 1,044
To stop toxic players zxR3TARDxz by LuvCup 7 1,030
For those visually impaired Azea by LuvCup 1 803
Show Gold for Team & Player Grim?ock by Lasac 1 737
[PETITION] Champ Recomended Items common source by Grim?ock 1 682
A thought out improved draft/ranked pick select (With image) Oneuno1ichi by Chýllin 1 1,306
Surrender Bar Suggestion OkaMoez by OkaMoez 0 667
Self-casting   ( 1 2) ExcaIiburn by ExcaIiburn 10 Riot Post 11,456
attack move cross how to make it smaller ? BlackBoy911 by BlackBoy911 0 687
Smartcast hotkey RhynoD by RhynoD 0 1,005
Res and Buff changes Numot by Numot 0 696
New Idea for The Item Shop Daimante by Daimante 0 750
New Shop: Items you can buy aren't always highlighted Zielmann by Qsario 1 902
Horizontal Scroll Button in Shop bagofpiss by bagofpiss 0 800
Buff and de-buff icons Amazerfulify by Amazerfulify 0 743
Larger Test (Gold,Damage etc.) Derbstep by Derbstep 0 887
Create our own Build List Per Champ Plantain Nog by IElvaI Hyperion 6 1,457
[UI BUG] Shopping Menu Refresh Bob Chandler by Bob Chandler 2 1,160
Is there still a way to change your own character's health bar color? mk DILLY by Perb 1 1,090
Varus' Q indicator oakwood by oakwood 0 885
Open store LOCKS OUT any other ui option Ralfazar by Ralfazar 7 Riot Post 1,159
Camera Issues With Shop Open WSTN by Epok2 4 Riot Post 1,260
Customize Buttons DucksUp by Mutware 3 836
Victory/Loss screen stats xtramoney by Infirc 1 1,957
[Shop UI] Quickly Finding Items The Star of Hope by Qsario 3 Riot Post 1,257