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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
For reddit GabbyGale GabbyGale 0 1623
Champ Specific Items Suggestion Eitan Leigh Eitan Leigh 0 1628
New Match History SebThePleb ForeverReposted 3 2012
Why not allow users to customize hud/gui in game?  ( 1 2 3 ... 4 ) The Devil God Kilajuk 38 21559
Game Select Tool Tip Suggestion (Confusing) Eitan Leigh Eitan Leigh 0 1596
Minion Health Bars Samuel L Jaxx Kilajuk 2 1855
Spectate Camera l0lallnamestaken l0lallnamestaken 0 1381
Suggestion: Ward Skin Selection Blue Tora Blue Tora 0 1528
We need a kick-out button for game against bots Emmerlaus Emmerlaus 2 3719
About time for full death stats? ThePirateHooker ThePirateHooker 0 1543
Co-op blue SpyCloak Xythraqos 1 2516
Mystery Gifting an on Sale Skin. Kustig Xythraqos 1 1898
Feel like its impossible to leave bronze with all the afk and trolls! Riot fix! Plz!! jabbawakki GetToTheChoppaaa 1 1476
Add a vote to dodge option. Mecole1995 GGJunkyard 2 1497
Minion health bar "depth" GetToTheChoppaaa GetToTheChoppaaa 0 1321
Not sure if this belongs here, but... Renaito Yuujou Renaito Yuujou 0 1288
Spectatin jungle HUD vs Play jungle HUD Shadzar Shadzar 0 1282
HUD Animations Still Not Available on Mac Client NA Player NA Player 0 1267
PLZ Remove the jungle timer roh lin ReMeDyIII 5 2931
Locked camera with spring mechanism near screen edges Xelania Zeus42922 3 1880
Mix Bag (Party Bag) Mister Frey Mister Frey 0 1296
Keybinds its BoboLove its BoboLove 0 1327
[Suggestion] Camera Angle Option Dartwaffle Dartwaffle 0 1258
Team Chat Toggle Zanes Dragonwing Xelania 1 1485
{Suggestion} Related to the Undo button glitch daeiros daeiros 0 1402
[Suggestion] Attack Speed % Info Jsao Jsao 0 1345
[Suggestion] Typing Chat Indicator Seth the Bum Seth the Bum 2 1680
Chat restriction. ABadHuman ABadHuman 0 1274
New Summoner Spells Suggestion Sakuramiyu Sakuramiyu 0 1241
Flashing HUD ( SLI/Crossfire Bug) GuyWithAHat EPICgunner3 8 8312
Idea For The OCD Crowd UnrealSkilllz Ðetöx 6 2592
Loss prevented for the team with a leaver? Minus the leaver? FoxyShizzam Ðetöx 1 2069
Suggestion: Missing Enemy Indicator Freaker4evr Freaker4evr 0 1305
Want to watch diamond 4 mid main stream solo que xxsnipinatorxx xxsnipinatorxx 0 1247
Eyefinity (5760X1080) HUD Fix IcyLogic n00bsause 1 3124
Changing the mouse icon thebadguyisback thebadguyisback 0 1285
My League keeps crashing and I'm getting banned for it.... All the Dirk All the Dirk 0 1451
Cursor change?  ( 1 2 3 ... 7 ) Xou uppyb0t 64
Riot Post
Serious Fixes needed: Nuerotical Nuerotical 0 1426
A Plea: Over 1080 HUD Improvements Dawnesha The Half Dragon 4 3065
Font Size AvengeTheFall3n AvengeTheFall3n 0 1476
Lock camera fix Xythraqos ImJupi 5 6594
Champion Select Organizer WolfHeartz WolfHeartz 0 1491
[Feature Request] Better feedback initiatives (Pre/post and Champ select focus) crowsntacos crowsntacos 0 1492
Health bar should show shields arrownacks arrownacks 0 1548
Jungle Timers Suggestions! CinderBlock33 Alberkryne 1 1920
Reverse Camera Lock Controls? BrokenStylus deathlyangel47 1 1714
Idea For How to Improve the Rune Page Experience UnrealSkilllz UnrealSkilllz 0 1548
Suggestion: Latency Visibile From Main Screen 3venflovv 3venflovv 0 1587
Huge Options Menu and Victory/Defeat message Xtreme2252 Xtreme2252 0 1824