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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Dodgers should be greeted with "Defeat" KingsRight KingsRight 2 1286
Specific Mastery/Rune Pages per champion Ada Wong Ada Wong 0 1200
[Suggestion] Custom Play again button Scorange Scorange 0 1229
Suggestion For Purple Team Side Problems  ( 1 2 ) SinchiCodo Sorderon 11 11971
cursor mouse too small on high resolution, big problem with 4K screen IS11d6327cb35cafc124891 Homura x Chan 3 5285
Spectator Mode suggestion! Xxx Duende xxX Demond 3 2222
Right click on ability icons Frz Frz 0 1100
Death Timer - Stop the 'Cheese and Win' After Being Dominated All Game GladiatorJaypo Seth the Bum 1 1541
Clarity & Clairvoyance confusion KingsRight Seth the Bum 2 1080
item shop smaller than others Braavi Seth the Bum 1 1132
Custom UI Help??? Teums Teums 0 1071
Recommended Builds suggestion LIfetrocity LIfetrocity 0 1093
Customize HUD!!! RogueTKM RogueTKM 0 1066
Champion Select Mastery Tab Baal Haded Baal Haded 0 982
Remove the Jungle timer mafiahalo93 Revalotta 2 1528
fuk ur mom riot JanZzzo JanZzzo 0 1200
Champion Selection Customizing [IDEA] ReverseNA Cal Aldazar 6 4326
Opt Out of Banning Wafflecan Wafflecan 0 1180
Ability to remove minimal clicking Cookiedude42 StuffedTurkey007 1 1307
Idear #1 urovah StuffedTurkey007 1 1300
Ranked Team Builder iBEEFCAKE jlpan 1 1414
Attack move to left click Virgit Virgit 0 1175
**** your ****ty servers First Officer First Officer 0 1131
Playing pull champions purple team bottom lane! Cripple Lunchbox DeWard 6 3456
Champion Select Organization MrPill MrPill 0 1267
Increase the field of view!!! Wtf KRIXXLER Homura x Chan 5 2900
Center screen on cursor Qutse Qutse 0 1406
Disable In-Game Game Jester of Quebec watbesh 3 1609
Change Item Sets like Masteries Keiran Darkwill Seth the Bum 1 1977
I shouldn't have to open the wiki for basic information about champs. WoogityWoog Seth the Bum 3 2067
may we add different language for NA canadianForces Jester of Quebec 3 1631
Spectating - moving champ portraits golden foxes golden foxes 0 1371
Map Camera Movement Ideas KmageKris Nox Interna 1 1838
New game mod:Practice mode angrymexican watbesh 4 3445
Buy bind suggestion Ssschah Ssschah 0 1420
HUD/In-game Radio JointOpz JointOpz 0 1432
Please give us a smart loading screen. a lot to learn IIIPlasmaIII 1 1580
Please Give Us A Kick Option Barbaros25 Emmerlaus 1 1713
Bug solidxx THSBand 1 1809
Dominion Scoring fivecap Percilus 3 2755
Allied Champion HUD MankindTP MankindTP 0 1501
Lower Resolutions TigerDerp Homura x Chan 2 3809
The scroll bars on the right and bottom of the shop hud don't work Toben Toben 0 1563
Skill order saver TDChangeling TDChangeling 0 1528
Ordering Runes and Masteries Humayyunh123 ScheeleNR 3 4619
Bug: Stats Zer0Deception Zer0Deception 0 1566
Ping mute/report plz TDChangeling oBg 2 1715
HUD/Chat bar tweaks chippy512 chippy512 0 1596
Efficient Upgrades For Game GangnamStyI3 GangnamStyI3 0 1624
Team Builder Update ELG Pikato ELG Pikato 0 1589