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I've lost my cursor many times when targetting a spell Luchen Luchen 0 648
Darker colours for the Health and Mana Spaztastik Spaztastik 0 548
Magic Resist Warskull lapalm 3 611
champion favs list BrAtKo BrAtKo 0 486
Display champion attack range on the HUD somewhere? Sarusta Wolfy 1 1410
HUD Scaling is all kinds of wrong. Luchen cwatz 2 719
Cool or no? :: HUD change ZSabre Sarusta 2 1409
How to show minion health? PiousFlea hohums 1
Riot Post
Overhead life-bar Rev micha 1 1290
Thoughts about HUD ZSabre ZSabre 2 544
Level displays are odd. Predicted Predicted 0 539
In-game Hud text bugs SeVIIen SeVIIen 1 896
Self-buff while level-up yasouros micha 1 828