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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Blocked on Friends list Remikortri Remikortri 0 433
'Champion-Exclusive' Targetting Option GingerGiant GingerGiant 0 429
@Riot: Custom Item Class Cravick Ocylith 1 510
Universal Codes in Chat GameScrub GameScrub 0 734
@Riot - Suggestion: Ping Indicator DexterMorgan11 ottoawesome 1 522
New Summoner Spell Ideas Lakot GetReadytoRespaw 5 1068
typing the '' ^_^'' emote results in unwanted 'window' mode AndovarEdoras garbage water 2 1075
New Player, Old Insights Ramxius Ramxius 0 388
Who killed who, end game stats teCereal teCereal 4 505
Br/South American Servers Inoninja Inoninja 0 708
Chat Rooms Mirifice Mirifice 0 509
Colour blind mode Failspec Failspec 0 565
Edit Key Bindings in-and-outside of game? SynergyDreamer Perb 2 4045
Spectator Mode Arrange Players Order PK Toysoldier PK Toysoldier 0 441
Upgrade Shop and Masteries for faster shoping. ModelT J 2 the orel 8 709
Leveling Up Abilities clumsygun J 2 the orel 1 491
A small suggestion regarding friend status Magicpie777 Magicpie777 0 392
in-game Chat function Cronickk Cronickk 0 540
mia ping..? justsmokeit Zemlor 1 451
[Suggestion] Skill level up indicator. TheDeFecto DarkPoutcho 1 550
Passive Ability Cooldown Ruduen Ruduen 0 481
Choose your own 'recommended items' list... auctioneer1 auctioneer1 0 474
Champion Icon Seraph Nephriel ftsKaleem 9 1419
Friends list. Keep Offline in groups! ftsKaleem ftsKaleem 0 530
Stacks problems MrCookie9 MrCookie9 1 484
Idea for the shop Jangl3s The Soulmerchant 1 435
View Rotation and Max Zoom Out Adjustment  ( 1 2 ) Roguest0 xmonsturx 14 2824
Why on EARTH are whispers camoflauged orange now? Dathadorne ZeroTheRulerz 8 669
[Spectator/ Suggestion] Abilities should be purple and blue colored like the teams vLemon vLemon 0 489
Having the option to change the in game graphics to the old ones. demonsquirts901 demonsquirts901 0 459
Small Tweak to Draft pick UI Fallout Fallout 0 573
Whisper color text needs to be changed! shm0 shm0 0 545
Purchasable skinned in game user interfaces holloho holloho 0 641
Issue with disconnect notification? Bidorr the Great Bidorr the Great 1 601
[Minor Bug?] Hero Corpses and Items Orb11 Orb11 0 483
Ability Level Up Tooltip Zeemag Zeemag 0 563
Mastery Pages Suggestion climinator climinator 0 437
Key Binding List Order Adjustment RattyZ RattyZ 0 481
Easy and VERY helpful colorblind tweak. ColorMeBoom Lailu 4
Riot Post
Movable Team portraits please 220221 Hechicera Verde 1 636
In game friends list. Pick2 Pick2 4 882
In game msging roflboy Dathadorne 4 628
Latency bar Rnjn925 Shion SinX 1 598
targeting system idea and hud bug Utter Butter Utter Butter 0 402
@riot whisper message color Izzoth xDaNx 4 890
Sidebar in the shop for builds and situational items Chargermaster Chargermaster 0 523
A More Consistent Color Scheme UvulaBob UvulaBob 0 1161
Health bar PandaBearPoo PandaBearPoo 1 563
Automatic Champion Assignment ArkA1 Piloted 5 736
Lock position for the tab menu pyro93735 Aydin Chan 4 2523