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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Realistic Camera Option/Improvement Raztraz Nicplaylol 1 583
Suggestion for Purple Side of the Map Anatreptic Nicplaylol 5 1177
Auto Unlock Abilities reversefl0w CryCLL 2 861
Vote to kick !?! Ondaed Haurke Ondaed Haurke 0 454
Skin icon matching champion in-game Eviszerator Tails Doll 2 1029
Purple Team shop range SwarsII SwarsII 0 620
Simple HUD Flip Nicplaylol Nicplaylol 0 553
Pings in dominion should have area names Reikooters Reikooters 0 412
Could we get a timeline-like graph? GhostbladeX GuFFGotOwned 1 457
An Idea For Mastery Page Change Vicieus Vicieus 2 442
Chat During Loading Screen Squidd Squidd 0 421
Enhanced Shop Faust7011 Vanilla Squid 2 725
Crit dmg Arc insanity Vanilla Squid 1 538
Customize 6 recommended items. Gawza2 Ilandria 4 643
I would like a setting where I could ignore teammates VA Kalast Mistress Amber 4 968
Shop Remake(Working Protoype)  ( 1 2 3 ) ├ůzure Mango027 24 6236
Cursor Problems, Please help Jennaaaayyy Jenkin Rei 1 818
elo MorteTheItalino MorteTheItalino 0 454
Role Lock-in for Ranked ASP DarkwyrD Cash and Carry 1 564
skins BaIImung BaIImung 0 467
Keybindings - Mousewheel Dynark Dynark 0 671
Surrunder Rework Linkdash Distain 4 1340
Adding item search feature to vendor could be useful Guddlek Guddlek 0 506
UI suggestion n9o0r n9o0r 0 439
I wasn't able to get first win of the day HQowns Stuartsan 1 476
Difrent color health bar for the champion you are playing TheSarex Cyanide Velocity 1 551
Spectator (Friends List Mode) rjm3 rjm3 0 514
A few ideas me and another Summoner came up with. Daemon Valascor Daemon Valascor 0 689
Recall could be sown on the minimap (x/post from reddit) Lolenvy Salyu 1 469
Suggestion: Ranked Proposed Roles Virgin Pubes Salyu 3 501
End of game stats: Ward Tally and Dmg Source Jimpadelic Spyanide 7 1310
Item Quick Map: for items with an active, if i could hot key would be nice XxPoN3DxX Bwdzxc 2 781
"flash card" load screen champion portraits Tartrazine Bwdzxc 1 1105
Pause Button when playing byself against comps King Malfea Bwdzxc 1 791
Zilean:bombs Demishadow Demishadow 0 569
Suggestion - Spectate a game off a friend spectating Try Hard Daily Try Hard Daily 0 439
Lux's and Gragas' skills fast detonation for 250-latency-losers' sake Salabar Void2258 3 981
HP/Mana bars option to show Regen/5 ReLaTiviT ReLaTiviT 0 409
[Suggestion] Ranked champ select reporting ziekatron ziekatron 0 671
Friends list Note Pad Heresbrownie airbourne40 5 1136
Please add an ability to select a language GetReadytoRespaw sbsp13668 2 752
**** you Readycheck Keliaas Keliaas 3 511
The Proving Grounds match with random player Holystone Nutcup 2 454
Team Role Picking Kripec Locked212 4 685
Friends Folder Suggestion Locked212 Locked212 0 483
Customized Runes for Certain Characters. xbulx xbulx 0 399
Baron Buff tooltip Rellik Vancoor Rellik Vancoor 0 358
If I were king for a day... 2LeftFeet IHeartARAM 3 1055
Model Viewer Sylvendian Sylvendian 0 661
Gift Button ctddd 2ndMizukage 8 2193