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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
stat number colors in HUD SailorJerrry SailorJerrry 0 398
Visibility Upgrade to Oracle's Elixir Stayer Stayer 0 419
Toggle Smartcast  ( 1 2 ) Brother Of Dux Blutarsky Blues 15
Riot Post
Map Scroll riotss Jinxyou Jinxyou 2 450
In-Game Shop Keybinds SonOfAthena TheBziur 5 1509
No hud Craymac TheBziur 4 1304
Any chance we can get opacity controls? DoozleDorf TheBziur 2 678
Ground indicators for pings. CodeN49 NeoIcecreaman 2 401
Champion Selection NeedTissues NeedTissues 0 395
[Suggestion] Better tracking for killing turrets Grim31 Grim31 0 358
Black Screens JDBob JDBob 0 340
Mundo's Passive Masachist camlum 4 956
Surrender Wakesback Wakesback 1 499
Skin previews in the store lolTLO lolTLO 2 801
Fix ranked OndaMark Sereg Anfaug 1 375
Auto ignore team feature needed. Dawncaster Sereg Anfaug 1 453
Korean Announcer Sound Files? AznProd AznProd 0 560
Incease button size/sensitivity for the "X" (close)... DoozleDorf badcookie 3 494
adding a last replay option Magnatte Magnatte 0 440
Auto Attack Ruining In Game Quality. SupDudesss Sereg Anfaug 4 660
My wishlist: an open letter for advances in the league's Design. Daynen Daynen 0 908
Suggested changes that would help anyone who uses targeted abilities or auto attacks Tyrlkol Daynen 1 1467
Get rid of scoreboard and ranked stats Krazula Dathadorne 1 799
In-game Text Binding NagginNinja NagginNinja 0 721
@ Riot ~Selecting multiple friends.for deletion Knighteverlastin Ethaneus 1 687
@Riot New Spell Thumbnails w/ Visual Upgrade LordTrilo LordTrilo 0 552
Friend/Buddy List Notes KopyCat KopyCat 0 719
More helpful gold information BelligerentGnu Ferocious003 1 768
Option to disable Quit button in custom matches Deathly Phoenix BarbyQ 1 706
Solution for excess delay between (re)casts of low cooldown/multi-part abilities masochism2 ExaltedVanguard 1 975
In-game voice communication MistereNee Goldreaver 7 1097
Ranked Games Penalty Mandjet Mark Akitaki 1 659
Different ranked queues stats sorted Fresh Greg Fresh Greg 0 604
Some ideas... Craxic Craxic 2 695
HUD ults plus suggestions Froggeh Froggeh 0 725
Ping on PVP client slipp1 slipp1 0 599
@Riot Recalling and Teleporting While Dead LordTrilo LordTrilo 0 641
Windowed mode l3lackCock Infinite Chan 3 8758
new ranked matchmaking system A Fix For Us All Fr3akSh0Wx Duskdeep 4 1018
The In-Game Timer Lord Barbaros Duskdeep 1 1443
Suggestion/Request Toggle Players/Champion Nameplates option DrSevenK DrSevenK 0 774
Idea/Suggestion Champ Select Tabs ABigSchmitty Bambalamm 5 1161
Hard to see red cursor over red enemies. Reconsul Reconsul 0 847
Having something so we can see friendly summoner spells in game like in spectator. Doonhijoe V Doonhijoe V 0 764
Neutral minion graphic like the minimap on the big map? Reconsul Reconsul 0 780
Taking advantage of spectator mode Typhereon Sereg Anfaug 3 1022
[Suggestion] a way to fix locked camera issues for purple team 00011011S betatrash 2 1182
Spectator Mode (Dual Monitor) Request Strich9 niqht 1 997
Allow chat to be disabled completely PLEASE READ and consider 00Milkman00 00Milkman00 7 784
Tiamat splash damage Ghilliesaur Ghilliesaur 4 787